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New research | How small business owners are shaping Australia’s work-centric travel trends

Posted 2 years ago in Small business by Tiana Barns
Posted by Tiana Barns

With almost 30 percent of Australian workforce saying they no longer work in a traditional job, it’s no surprise that more Aussies are embracing flexible working conditions.

Xero’s Travel Habits Report compares the travel habits of working Australians and small business owners. It has revealed that nearly half of the nation’s small business owners worked remotely while on holiday over the past twelve months. This is in comparison to just one in five of Australian workers. Of the small business owners who worked remotely, 25 percent worked interstate, 14 percent worked overseas and 9 percent did both.

Working while having time off

Skye Anderton is a small business owner. She explains that the best way to manage a business and go on holiday is the embrace the 80:20 rule. Whereby 80 per cent of a holiday is leisure and 20 per cent is focused on work.

She says that monitoring emails and remaining across work activity has allowed her to take more breaks. She also feels safe knowing that her business is continuing smoothly without her day-to-day presence.

“As a result of modern technology, I’m able to work anywhere and at any time. Being a small business owner has changed my life. There are always little things that need to be done to ensure the business continues to operate smoothly. By doing just an hour of work every day, I’m able to remain connected, yet relaxed. Because I know that Ruby Olive will be able to run without me physically being there,” said Skye.

SMBs embracing new ways to travel

Currently, 1 in 10 of Aussies say they aren’t taking annual leave regularly because they’re too busy with work. However, the findings showed that 64 percent of Australians would be open to working a little on holiday if it meant they could take more annual leave or go on holiday more often. Small business owners were even more enthusiastic, with 70 percent saying they would do so.

Anneliese Urquhart, Small Business Director at Xero Australia says Aussies are extremely hard-working. However she says they are not putting their personal needs and well-being before their work.

“As ambitious and career-driven as small business owners and employees are, we want to ensure all workers are taking necessary time off. This can be easily achieved by adopting simple remote working tactics. For example by embracing the 80:20 trend while on holiday. Or using cloud-based technology such as Xero. By using these tactics it’s possible to get refreshed and get away while not stressing about the work piling up,” Anneliese adds.

The 43 percent of small business owners who’ve adopted these strategies cite improved work life balance (79 percent). Additional benefits include enhanced relationships with family and friends (71 percent) and increased personal productivity (47 percent).

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