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Automate the flow of supplier invoices with Xero Connect

Posted 6 years ago in Advisors by Tyson Lloyd
Posted by Tyson Lloyd

At Xero, we’re constantly searching for beautiful new ways to help our small business customers reduce administrative burdens so they can spend more time focusing on the important things, like growing their business.

Today we’re launching Xero Connect, a new initiative in Australia that allows large suppliers to send invoices directly into Xero via a secure integration with the supplier’s billing system. We’re excited to announce that Reece and Caltex are the first two corporations to join Xero Connect, and have built integrations that are now available to our small business users.

Any Xero user that is a Reece business customer or Caltex StarCard holder, will now be able to have their invoices sent directly into Xero, reducing paperwork, improving data accuracy, and lessening the need for manual data entry, which can lead to costly human errors. Xero advisors will also welcome the benefits of Xero Connect, with more security surrounding clients’ business expenses in addition to higher quality data and a clearer view of a small business’s financial position.

How Xero Connect works

Xero Connect

First, a Xero user will need to visit a supplier’s online portal where they’ll be prompted to log in and authorise the supplier to send invoices directly into Xero. The customer can then select which supplier and account within Xero to code the invoices to, to ensure the expenses will be recorded correctly.

When the supplier issues an invoice, it will appear as a draft bill within Xero, where the customer can review it before approving. Once approved and paid, the bill will automatically be matched in Xero to a corresponding payment.

The financial web grows

Xero Connect represents the next piece in Xero’s financial web, fostering closer connections between small businesses and banks, advisors, government and now enterprise suppliers. Seamless integrations with leading technology and service providers are unlocking the growth potential of small business by providing more timely, accurate financial data to drive informed decision making.
Xero is committed to helping small businesses thrive and we’re excited to be working with corporate partners from a variety of sectors to help solve the key pain points for small business, including cash flow management and financial transparency.

Are you a large business wanting  to improve the billing experience for your small business customers? Get in touch and we’ll work together to help you do just that with Xero Connect.


July 8, 2017 at 9.02 am

Would this be the same as receipt bank?

Natasha Bowe
September 12, 2022 at 10.46 pm

This is completely useless. I need my tiny suppliers to be able to upload their invoices directly into Xero. This is where the timesaving will be. How many toilets will I buy from Reece a year?

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