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Eye on platinum #3: Hitting silver in our stride

Posted 12 months ago in Advisors by Guest
Posted by Guest

Intro to part three: When Charles Klvana, founder of Eye on Books, offered to lend his perspective on his journey towards achieving platinum partner status, we jumped at the chance.

In this ten-part series, Charles takes us all down memory lane and throws in some great advice for potential partners looking to follow in similar footsteps.

In part three of this series, we join Charles just when his company reaches a great milestone: silver partner status.

Date: July 2011

Client count: 20 clients on Xero

Just one week before the first Xero conference, we hit silver with 20 clients. With pride, I attended the first Xero conference in Melbourne with my new silver status.

There I met many Xero staff, who were very helpful (shout out to Tim Wright!). I also met “THE FOUNDER”, Rod Drury.

Silver Status

The pre-conference drinks were a great idea. As a nervous newbie to Xero from the other side of the country, I was a little intimidated by all the accountants and bookkeepers that already knew a lot more about Xero than I did.

I spent a fair while talking to a new Xero staff member that had just moved from New Zealand to join Xero. Apparently she had a successful bookkeeping business in NZ using Xero but came to Australia to help promote the Xero advantages. She seemed quite passionate about bookkeepers using Xero. Her name was Anna Cochrane.

The team gave practical tips on moving your firm to the cloud and a special invite to lunch the next day for some of the partners. I felt humbled by the company I was in. So many larger bookkeeping and accounting firms were invited, and lunch with the MD of Xero. Wow!

It was also at this first Xerocon that a charismatic new staffie led a band on guitar at the gala.

Chris Ridd, the new MD of Xero, rocking out on guitar. Was this serious? An accounting software with a Rock God as MD (or at least that was what my wife told me afterwards)!

Stay tuned for next week’s instalment: The upward trajectory takes hold.

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