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5 reasons to attend this year’s Xerocon in Melbourne

Posted 11 months ago in Advisors by Anthony Staltari

Anthony Staltari is Xero’s Partner Consulting Director for Asia.

I am Xero’s Partner Consulting Director for Asia. I trained as an accountant in Australia and am passionate about helping today’s accountants understand the new world of cloud accounting.

One important step in my journey was when I attended my first Xerocon. It opened my eyes to the opportunities in our changing environment. I joined Xero and now focus on helping accountants and bookkeepers embrace new technology to offer enhanced services and build better relationships with their clients.

In this blog, I’ll share my top five reasons to come along to Xerocon, tips for getting the most out of the event for you and your practice -and I’ve also included some comments from last year’s attendees.

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1. Get inspired by the world’s leaders in cloud accounting technology

Xerocon is the largest accounting technology conference in Australasia. It’s about inspiring a new generation of accountants and bookkeepers, and pioneering a new era of cloud solutions. Take the opportunity to listen to industry leaders and get expert insight into new and innovative ways to grow your practice.

Paul Gardner, Founder of Fresh Accounting and a recent Xero Platinum Partner talks about his experience at last year’s Xerocon. “It was great to hear from the speakers and Xero management team, as well as other progressive accounting firms. It’s important to understand how the accounting industry is transforming, and the impact on our profession.”

Check out this year’s speaker line-up

2. At Xerocon, every firm can form global alliances

The last 10 years have seen Xero expand rapidly and globally. We’re proud to have built a network of over 140,000 advisors around the world. Xerocon offers you the chance to connect with this amazing network and establish the strong alliances that promote ongoing client growth.

Make sure you speak to your Xero account manager in advance about who you’d like to meet. You could also outline the goals you are trying to achieve. Whether you want to grow your business across borders, or find out more about different business models, our team is here for you. They’ll help to make sure you create the opportunities to build your network, and get the most out of your Xerocon experience.

Elaine Lim, Founder of Agere Accounting & Advisory found meeting with fellow advisors extremely helpful. “Xerocon is a great opportunity to meet partners from other countries and share experiences and best practices. It was also good to discuss how we can handle the challenges we all face.”

3. Meet the eco-system partners

Xerocon offers a very special chance to meet with over 50 of our ecosystem partners all at the same event. See this year’s list of exhibitors here.

Come to Xerocon with a few key clients in mind. Ask yourself, what extra services and add-ons might they find useful? Have a chat to Xero’s ecosystem partners face-to-face and find out more about how their applications can help you offer a more integrated service to your small business customers. We always recommend meeting with at least three, but grab as many as you can!

Your Xero account manager can advise what solutions will be the best to meet your client needs, and help set up these conversations for you.

We asked Samantha Sam, Principal Partner at CPA Connects, whether it was useful to meet ecosystem partners at last year’s event. She says: “Very much so. We met with a number of app providers and are now proud users of these services. They are supporting our overall offering to our clients.”

4. Swap ideas with other forward thinking bookkeepers and accountants

Join us at the biggest accounting conference in the Southern Hemisphere to interact with your global peers and work together to develop new approaches to tackling old challenges.

Xero’s bookkeeping partners in New Zealand and Australia have been at the forefront of progress in cloud accounting, focused on building new business models and offering new services. At Xerocon you have opportunity to speak to thousands of these bookkeepers & accountants. You can find out how they’re embracing the challenge of adapting, and excelling in the changing landscape of traditional accounting.

Make sure you come prepared with questions to ask partners who have attended before. That way you can get the most out of these knowledge sharing opportunities!

Jonathan Fryer, Thailand-based Partner at Mazars Group, loved learning from other regions. “Last year was a great opportunity to learn from accountants in Australia and New Zealand. These markets are more developed, so partners here had a lot to share about how they’re offering sophisticated services to their clients and how this is driving growth.’

5. Get ahead of the curve by being the first to hear about our new products

At Xerocon you’ll be the first to hear about what’s next at Xero.

Take the opportunity to chat directly to our development team about our latest and upcoming products. Use this information to inform your strategy, and get ahead of the curve in your home markets.

Our team will be on hand to make sure you have the knowledge and skills to prepare for these new innovations. We can also help you enjoy a first mover advantage in offering these new services to your clients.

Nova Founder and recent Platinum Partner, Matthew Li found the insights into the product really helpful. “Xero is still relatively new to Asia and Hong Kong. Last year’s Xerocon was a great opportunity to update our mindset. It gave us the inspiration to innovate and stay fresh in our market.”

It’s a 3-month countdown to Xerocon Melbourne, and less than 3 weeks to claim your early-bird offer of 20%! Get your tickets today and save $210.

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