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Let’s hear it for Tradify: our App Partner of the Month

Posted 4 years ago in Apps by Nick Houldsworth

Every month we recognise one of our 500-plus app partners for the great work they’re doing to help small businesses succeed. This month, it’s Tradify.

Over 5000 tradespeople save an average of 460 hours and $24,500 every year when they manage their workflow in Tradify. From quotes and time/material tracking, through to scheduling, timesheets, invoicing and accounting integration, Tradify eliminates paperwork and gives tradies their lives back.

We had a chat with Curtis Bailey, CEO and Founder of Tradify, to find out a bit more about some of the challenges trade and service businesses face, and how they can make the most of technology to get on with the job.

What are the most common job management challenges for trades businesses?

Our customers are small business owners. They face a number of challenges as they strive hard to grow and manage a successful trade business. They’re usually practical people who love working with their hands, but struggle getting around to sending out quotes and invoices. Often, they have several vans on the road and get overwhelmed trying to track jobs, materials and employee hours. It can be a real headache.

All of these issues feed into each other. Helping our customers solve these challenges means Tradify has to be awesome at a whole range of things. These include scheduling, tracking and reconciliation of time and materials, enabling faster quoting and invoicing and integrating with Xero for end-to-end visibility of financial performance and KPIs.

Do you have any tips for businesses in overcoming these challenges?

We strongly believe knowledge is power. One of the great things Tradify does is enable a trade business to gather and store information about their business they’ve never had before. Once they have that information at their fingertips, they can begin to address some of their questions. Often, a business owner doesn’t know where to begin when faced with all of this new data. That’s when we’d recommend they sit down with an accountant or advisor. Thanks to Xero’s website it’s now easier than ever to find one!


Why did you choose to partner and integrate with Xero?

One of the first things we did was integrate with Xero. In fact, Tradify’s very first customer found us through the Xero app marketplace. We integrated early for two reasons.

Firstly, we love Xero as a product, and it was clear that it was going to disrupt the accounting software industry. Secondly, delivering an end-to-end experience is critical for the app we were trying to create and the problems we solve for our customers. For a business owner, being able to view invoices and bills in your accounting software is a must. The best way to enable that from day one was for us to integrate with Xero.

How does your integration with Xero make life easier for small businesses?

We want to save our customers time and make it easier to manage their business. Our integration with Xero helps bring this to life. It enables invoices to be sent through to Xero with just one click. Consequently this makes it super easy to sync customers, suppliers, materials, and bills across Tradify and Xero.

Most of all, this means our customers have real-time visibility and reduced admin time. Tradify and Xero give tradies a real advantage in the market.

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