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The many benefits of connecting your business in the cloud according to Springload’s Monika Tawngdee

Posted 3 years ago in Apps by Rohan Reid
Posted by Rohan Reid

The cloud is reshaping what’s considered business-as-usual operations for many organisations including Wellington’s Springload. It’s making it possible to work from anywhere there’s an internet connection and collaborate on documents in real-time with someone on the other side of the world. But the cloud is also helping change the game when it comes to business as not-so-usual too.

Cloud kept Springload afloat during earthquake

In the aftermath of New Zealand’s recent 7.5 North Canterbury earthquake, Wellington CBD shut down. This caused upheaval for local businesses and made it impossible for many employees to go into work. But thanks to the cloud Monika Tawngdee, finance manager at Springload, was able to minimise the level of disruption the earthquake caused her.

“Everything I need to do my job is stored in the cloud. It’s a huge benefit and one that was very valuable after the recent earthquakes. I was able to carry on working from home, because all I needed was an internet connection and my laptop.”

Springload is a full-service digital agency, based in Wellington. “We center our core values around making lives better – that includes our employees, customers, and the people reading the websites we make,” Monika commented.

Xero helps to make Springload more efficient

The Springload team make the most of technology to make their working lives better too.

“We use Xero for our accounting software. Because the data is all in real-time, it makes collaborating with our accountants a breeze. Having direct bank feeds set up, so relevant transactions automatically flow into Xero, is also a huge time saver for us.”

“We find the more we automate, the less time we need to spend caught up in day-to-day tasks. Subsequently the more time we can spend looking at the big picture and improving our operations. Using apps has a big impact in helping us achieve this” Monika said.

Cloud accounting software, like Xero’s, can integrate with other services and essential tools for running an entire business operation. “When we connect these apps they “talk to each other”, meaning that we can share data seamlessly, so the data inputting is all done for you”.

“We use Harvest for our invoicing. It makes the process so smooth and seamless. All invoices are automatically imported into Xero, so there’s no manual entry required. Using technology to work smarter not harder, has enabled us to not only save valuable time, but to also scale up our operations. We’re always on the look out for the right apps to help power up our operations, as providers continue to innovate and make their solutions even better,” she added.

To find the cloud-based apps to keep your business running smoothly, check out Xero’s App Marketplace.

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