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The human touch: Xero Support

Posted 5 years ago in Xero news by Caitlin Youl
Posted by Caitlin Youl

This may surprise you, but here at Xero Support, when you reach out to us with a query, your answer is made for you by a real life human!

As most of you know, Xero Support is online — we have help centre pages, webinars, quick video tutorials and our online Community forum. But when you need a human, we have teams of Xero Specialists stationed across the globe. In New Zealand we have offices in Wellington, Auckland and Hawkes Bay and in Australia we have Melbourne. In the United States we have offices in Denver and in the United Kingdom we have Milton Keynes.

Humanizing Xero Support

When all a customer sees of us is an email on their computer, you can forgive them for thinking that we might just be droids in disguise. Whether it’s Ashika, Rob or Alisha answering your email – I can confirm there are no droids hiding here. There’s just fun, quirky, intelligent, fleshy humans. We’re all at our desks, expertly answering your queries as quickly and as beautifully as possible.

Last year, we wanted to find a way to bring the #human into our emails. We’d decided it was time to give our customers a glimpse into the lives of the big, fun team of people helping them get the most out of Xero everyday.

Starting the Conversation

We got everyone to add a picture and brief bio about themselves to the bottom of every email we send. We weren’t sure if anyone would even notice, but to our genuine surprise our customers have been loving it. It’s even started some great conversations!

xero support

It was fun getting to learn about each other but what I’ve enjoyed most has been the reaction from our customers. It’s been so cool to see that the response to the tidbits of information we’ve shared about ourselves. To our delight our customers have been getting on board!

We’ve had banter about the Boston Celtics taking on the Los Angeles Clippers in this year’s NBA season.  We’ve been congratulated for our favorite football team getting into the finals. Not to mention the lively debates about Rugby vs American football – which is more hardcore?

We’ve shared pictures of our dogs, cats and bunny rabbits with customers, we’ve bonded over travelling to the same corners of the earth and they’ve even invited us along to Zumba classes!

Xero Support is here to help

We’re still the same people who’ve been answering your queries all along. However it’s clear that by just adding a small piece of information to the bottom of our emails, we’ve really given our support the #human touch. This has always been important for us.

I can’t wait to see what more we get to learn about our customers! We all love helping people get the most out of our beautiful accounting software. So if you ever need a hand, get in touch – you never know what you might learn from our awesome Customer Experience Specialists whilst they get you sorted!

Caitlin Youl joined the Xero Customer Experience Team in 2014 and has been loving working with customers ever since!


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Benny Summers
April 24, 2017 at 5.13 pm

No phone support though!

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