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What you need to know about employee management: We hear from our Ecosystem Partner of the Month, Deputy

Posted 6 years ago in Apps by Rohan Reid
Posted by Rohan Reid

What you need to know about employee management: We hear from our Ecosystem Partner of the Month

Every month we recognize one of the 500-plus ecosystem partners that make up our App Marketplace, for the great work they’re doing to help small businesses thrive.

March’s Ecosystem Partner of the Month is Deputy.

Deputy provides businesses and managers with an intuitive, cloud-based employee management software that simplifies scheduling, timesheets, tasking and employee communication. You can access and manage Deputy from any location, via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Recently, the company was ranked as a top business app by PC Mag and is GetApp’s #1 category leader in employee scheduling and workforce management.

This month we hear from Ashik Ahmed, Deputy’s CEO and Co-Founder, on the importance of using an employee management software, and top ways employers can better manage teams.

What are the biggest challenges most businesses face when it comes to managing and scheduling staff?

The biggest challenge for businesses when it comes to managing hourly paid employees is managing team schedules and ensuring the right employees show up at the right time and right location. Most managers and business owners are still creating timesheets for their hourly paid employees. That means they manage schedule changes manually, using something like Excel, then make red-line changes to a printed document that’s stuck to a cork board. Schedules are bound to change weekly and it’s usually last minute, creating a constant and lengthy payroll process every other week. For business owners with multiple locations, how can they possibly keep up with the shift changes? Especially when most shift changes happen via text message or email?

To add to this, most business owners in restaurant and retail can relate to the sudden influx of calls and texts to fill a shift last-minute. Once the shift is filled, managers must then respond to the rest of the employees and let them know the shift is no longer available. This manual process is tedious and time-consuming.

How can employee management software help solve these challenges?

Building and managing a strong team of employees is tough to do. Managers must worry about hiring, training and retaining employees, as well as managing timesheets and processing payroll that is often different every month. The right employee management software solves a lot of these challenges.

Employee management software automates schedule creation and shift changes, while also making payroll more accurate.

For businesses with multiple locations and types of employees, this kind of automation saves countless hours and payroll errors. For restaurants and retailers, most employee management software can integrate into a company’s existing POS system, allowing business owners to see the financial health of their business in real time, usually from any location using their smartphone or tablet.

This kind of integration creates insight for managers on where the highs and lows of business lie and how many staff they’ll need during which times of the month or year.

How does your app’s integration with Xero make life easier for small business owners and their advisors?

By integrating Deputy employee scheduling and time tracking solution with Xero, often painful tasks can now be automated. With this Deputy and Xero integration, users can:

  • Quickly sync new hires and their details between platforms.
  • Simplify employee time off requests in the scheduling system by tracking sick leave, paid time off and unpaid leave.
  • Create leave overview reports, which automatically calculate ordinary hours, penalty rates, overtime and allowances.
  • Create a costed schedule based on pay rates and salaries.
  • Sync different pay rates, eliminating the need to track them in both platforms.

“We needed something mobile. Deputy allows me to see where my employees are, what they’re doing and which customer they are with,” said Gary Shaposhnic, Co-Owner and General Manager at IGTech. “Wherever a technician arrives at the customer he starts his clock and Deputy allows them to concentrate on the client and job at hand while Deputy does everything else in the background. Deputy then syncs to Xero for my payroll, invoices and accounting and doesn’t require for me to be an accountant. I don’t have to run reports, the minute I get into Xero I can see [the] data and analyze it so we can be better tomorrow and more productive for our customer.”

Learn more about an integration with Xero and Deputy here.

About Ashik Ahmed

Ashik is the Co-Founder and CEO at Deputy. Graduating from the University of Melbourne with a BCS in Computer Science, Ashik has over 10 years experience in Software Application Architecture roles in various industries, ranging from Aviation, Online Merchant and SaaS.

Ashik’s extensive skills and experience was a natural fit to co-found Deputy.com alongside Steve Shelley. Together they conceptualized and created the people management solution in Sydney, 2008. Deputy is a SaaS application for the SME space, offering an affordable solution to the everyday issues of workplace management. 


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