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How our ecosystem drives small business success

Posted 3 years ago in Apps by Nick Houldsworth

At Xero, we’re a big believer in using cloud technology to make life better. Our ecosystem connects over 500 app partners to our one million Xero subscribers and 100,000 business advisors — to help drive business success. Here’s how these connections in the cloud are helping businesses thrive.

Helping small businesses thrive

If you’re a small business owner, it’s likely that time is one of your most precious commodities, especially if you’re taking on multiple roles within your business. You may be the CEO, chief marketing officer and receptionist all rolled into one.

Our App Marketplace connects small business with over 500 software apps that are specifically designed to either complete or assist with the many tasks involved with running a business.

The apps in our ecosystem are not only amazing tools in themselves to boost productivity, but because they share information seamlessly with Xero, the data entry is all done for you. When you connect Xero with one of these tools, real-time data can flow between two systems, minimizing the time it takes to complete many admin tasks. So business owners can focus their resources on driving their businesses forward.

Driving success for our app partners

Xero has invested heavily in building an open platform. Since 2011, we’ve grown from 25 app partners to more than 500.

At least a quarter of our customers have used one of the apps in our marketplace. That means when you launch your business in the Xero ecosystem, you have the potential to reach thousands of small businesses instantly. By innovating quickly, several startups have leveraged Xero’s rocket-ship growth to help drive their success too.

Deputy is a shining example of the benefits of Xero’s network effect.

“There’s no doubt being part of Xero’s API has helped accelerate Deputy’s international growth. When we launched our integration with Xero in 2012, it counted for 50% of our sales,” said Deputy’s CEo and co-founder, Ashik Ahmed.

Adding value for advisors

We know that having an advisor and using the right technology tools are two of the most important things a business can do to enhance profitability.  Xero connects more accountants and bookkeepers to more small businesses than any other platform, with some 89 percent of Xero subscribers connecting to advisors.  

Advisors play a crucial role in helping their clients choose the right technology solutions to run and grow their businesses. We’ve been working hard to better equip advisors to recommend the right ones for their clients’ needs and industries. Xero HQ, is our new platform for accountants and bookkeepers. It features Xero HQ Explorer, a smart new tool giving accountants and bookkeepers insights into which apps their clients are using and the industries they operate in.  

We are also making it easier for our customers to find the advisors that are right for them with  Xero’s New Advisor Directory, which allows advisors to list the apps and industries they specialise in.

Understanding the Xero Marketplace and the benefits to you, whether you are a  small business owner, app partner or advisor, can open up a world of opportunity. Visit our App Marketplace to find out more.

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