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February ’17 Wrap Up

Posted 6 years ago in Product by Ann-Lisa Niemann

We’re only a couple of months into the new year and we’ve already released tonnes of cool product enhancements. Here’s the monthly update on what’s been released in February and a snapshot on what’s coming in the next few months.

Released Feb ’17:

  • Change invoice reminder settings in bulk
  • Fixed asset tax depreciation & pooling (AU)
  • Quotes on Android updates
  • Copy invoice-to-invoice
  • Set up direct feeds with Silicon Valley Bank online (US)
  • Android app for Xero Practice Manager / WorkflowMax
  • Provisioning a PayPal account from within Xero
  • iOS updates:

– Searching and selecting your organisations is now easier

– A new approach to login and keeping you secure

– Squashing login bugs

– A new unified, single list of invoices

– View payment details of invoices

– Record invoice payment

  • Payroll updates:

– Auto-enrolment PensionSync integration (UK)

– Employee leave set up improvements (NZ)

– Addition of Payroll Tax Expense account to all COA templates provided

What’s Coming in the next 90 days:

Contacts look-up & credit risk indicator (AU), trade payment score (NZ)

Check printing (US)

Direct banks payments for payroll (NZ)

Practice Overview in Xero HQ

Staff Management in Xero HQ

Changes to the Advisor Tab

Import budgets using excel templates

Common Dates (MTD, QTD, YTD) for Reports

Remember you can find All Changes & Release Updates to Xero on the Help Centre and of course more information on our enhancements and releases can be found on the blog. Another great place to keep up to date with some of our coolest releases is our feature timeline.

Released in February 2017

Change invoice reminder settings in bulk

You are now able to select your invoice reminder preferences in bulk. Allowing you as a small business owner to bulk select groups of invoices and switch reminders on or of from the main invoicing list without having to open each invoice individually. Learn more about this release on the blog.

Fixed asset tax depreciation & pooling (AU)

Xero now has a fully fledged, integrated Fixed Asset solution built right into Xero to help advisors calculate tax depreciation. The new enhancements let you manage tax depreciation, as well pooling for assets. It means you no longer need to use separate fixed asset software to calculate tax values and manage pools. Check out the blog for more information on set-up and future releases.

Quotes on Android updates

Many of you have been asking for the ability to view, create and send quotes to your customers from your mobile. Check out the blog and learn more about what’s out and what’s coming for Quotes on Android.

‘Copy’ invoice-to-invoice

This invoicing enhancement lets you copy an invoice to another invoice, a purchase order, or a supplier that for instance sells materials which you on-sell. In those instances you’ll want a bill/purchase order with most of the same lines.

Set up direct feeds with Silicon Valley Bank online (US)

We have extended our partnership with Silicon Valley Bank, offering startup customers the chance to control their financial data and get “investor ready”. We are working together to create an automated banking experience for startups, small business owners and trusted advisors. Users will be able to simply and quickly compile high-integrity financial data, so that investors can get a clear view”on its progress.

Android app for Xero Practice Manager / WorkflowMax

Last year we launched WorkflowMax for the iOS app. We’re excited to introduce the eagerly anticipated Android version to you with the latest release. Read about the useful things you can do with the app on the blog.

Download for iOS on the iTunes Store or Android on Google Play.

Provisioning a PayPal account from within Xero

In the first iteration of our provisioning workflow, you had to create a Stripe account before being presented with the option to integrate PayPal. Now you can either create a new Stripe account or add an existing account from the new workflow. You can also add an existing PayPal account or have a new one automatically created when you receive your first payment.

iOS updates

We’ve been busy making some beautiful updates to your Xero app experience on iOS. Learn more about these updates on the blog.

Payroll updates

Auto-enrolment PensionSync integration (UK)

With our latest release for payroll, we are introducing Auto-Enrolment with PensionSync. PensionSync is a 3rd party that provides an API to automate the data exchange between payroll and multiple pension providers. The PensionSync feature allows customers who use NEST and The People’s Pension (TPP) as their pension provider to electronically connect and submit their contribution filings.

Employee leave set up improvements (NZ)

We’re making it easier for you to calculate leave by reminding you to set up opening balances during the employee setup process. We explain why it is needed and what needs to be entered within the opening balances tab. We also show a warning when a pay run is being processed for a particular employee. This banner informs that soon you won’t be able to pay these employees.

Addition of Payroll Tax Expense account to all COA templates provided (US)

New Organisations that are making use of the Industry COA Templates and setting up a New Payroll are provided with a Wages & Salaries account (6680 or 668). This account is needed, but an expense account to track payroll runs and Fed and State taxes also needs to be added – currently this is done manually. We’ve added a COA Payroll Tax Expense (6720) in the templates to complement the existing Wages & Salaries account (6680); streamlining the First Use Experience for a new Payroll Organisation in the US.

The next 90 Days – What’s Coming

Contacts look-up & credit risk indicator (AU), trade payment score (NZ)

Coming soon, Xero will be able to pre-populate business information as you’re searching for a new business contact (AU, NZ). As soon as you start typing a business name, street, postcode or business number (ABN, NZBN), Xero suggests results to auto-complete and bring in rich business information. This includes full business names, addresses, business numbers (ABN/NZBN), industry classification. It’ll help you take the work out of adding new contacts, reduce data entry and typos.

When you add a contact using the directory, you’ll also be able to see your contact’s credit rating (AU) / payment rating (NZ). This will help you assess your risk exposure before you do business with a new contact.

Check printing (US)

You’ll soon be able to print checks without having to install any additional software. You’ll have the ability to print three checks per page, adjusting where elements get printed and printing a test page to make sure you’re happy with it.

Direct bank payments (NZ)

Soon you’ll be able to send a payments batch directly to TSB. Currently this is available for ASB and Kiwibank. It makes payroll processing simpler and improves the payroll experience.

There is no need to download the payments file and upload it to the online banking.

Practice Overview

Coming in March, our latest enhancement to Xero HQ will enable practices to see their current Xero partner status and partner points breakdown at any time. We’ll also show you your practices certification status and the points you need to reach the next status level or become a Xero champion so that you can track your journey as a Xero partner.

Staff Management in Xero HQ

You’ll soon be able to manage staff access to clients and Xero organisations from one place in Xero HQ. Easily assign staff to clients, change roles and manage Xero HQ access so that staff in your practice only see what they need to work effectively.

Changes to the Advisor Menu

At the end of 2016 we started decluttering the Advisor Menu, and renewed our focus on the Report Centre. As promised, we are now close to moving your much loved Report Templates as well as Report Codes and Report Fields & Schedules. Anything that currently requires Advisor permission will continue to remain the same, meaning that Report Templates will only be visible to Xero Partners. Check out the blog for more info.

Import budgets using excel templates

To save you messing up your spreadsheet and having to save it multiple times to get your budgets into a .csv format, you can now use your excel files to import directly into Xero. Now you can quickly make informed decisions when comparing budgets to financial data.

Common Dates (MTD, QTD, YTD) for Reports

With our latest release, we have enhanced the date picker to include dates that update themselves as today’s date. Now you can run your regular reports and get a daily snapshot of where your business is at for the period to date, without having to make any changes.

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April 20, 2017 at 6.40 am

For Cheque (*cough* Check) printing – please enable this for Canadian customers as well. Our cheques are the same as US customers.

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