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The rise of the Intropreneur

Posted 3 years ago in Small business by Gary Turner
Posted by Gary Turner

When you think of an entrepreneur, you think of loud and exuberant personalities with natural flair and charisma. It’s the person at the networking events with people queuing to listen to their advice. Or the leader with a little black book that’s not so little. However, our 2017 Make or Break report shows that the lesser publicised introverted entrepreneur is becoming more and more common. New stats show that over a fifth (21%) of owners identify as an introverted entrepreneur. And 61% agree that they have some introverted qualities.

Intropreneurs and the world

The quietly confident entrepreneur also seems to be taking global issues with a pinch of salt. Over half (54%) consider Brexit their biggest concern. But nearly a fifth it will result in less legislation and red tape. This further proves that ‘introvert’ is a misused term. People associate it with a withdrawn figure that lacks confidence. But this mentality implies a sense of self-assurance and a determined attitude. This could be one of the reasons we’re seeing newer businesses opting for remote working and, as a result, discovering an increasing number of benefits associated with this method. In fact, 42% said remote working, and the flexibility it brings, was the biggest driver of productivity last year.

With the traditional office environment fading, we expect introverted entrepreneurs to become more common. Our 2017 Make or Break report suggests that, as work-life balance becomes more prominent, the autonomous lifestyle will allow those previously restricted by childcare to continue their efforts in becoming a successful business person. It’s why we’re seeing different personalities now owning businesses; 2017 could see ‘introverted’ personalities taking centre stage.

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Sherry Witt Snow
March 1, 2017 at 9.54 am

I like the description “quietly confident”. I think that strongly extroverted entrepreneurs sometimes suck up all the air around them. I never get a chance to speak.

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