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Your health = the health of your business

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There’s a direct correlation between happiness and healthiness in workers and productivity. The same is true for businesses. In Xero’s 2017 second annual Make or Break report, research revealed that 78% of small business owners believed their personal well-being (as well as that of their employees) is inextricably linked to the health of their business. As a result, they make their health and happiness a top priority.

Health and your business

In a company with few employees or none at all, morale can be an integral part of the business. It bolsters confidence and the drive to succeed. It’s important to keep your head in the game, and if your physical and emotional levels aren’t at their best it can be hard to strive for success.

The research found that nearly half (49%) of business owners believed support from friends and family helps them to succeed. Taking into account that nearly a quarter (24%) are going it alone in their startups, it’s likely that access to a sympathetic ear helps to keep the inevitable self-doubt at bay.

You still need a weekend

Many self employed people work to live. But it’s especially key for mental well-being to take a well deserved day (or two, or week!) off. Just like you would if you were traditionally employed. Indeed, more than half of business owners surveyed admitted they would like to give themselves more time off in 2017. While it can be exceptionally hard to log off, embracing holiday time prevents burnout. And that’s something no entrepreneur can afford.

Remember, as an entrepreneur you are your business. Taking care of your well-being is akin to taking care of your company.

Read our Make or Break 2017 report to explore our findings in detail, and learn what you can do to turn economic uncertainty into economic certainty.

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