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Xero Tax: Through the eyes of a software-developing accountant

Posted 2 years ago in Advisors by Erin Smith
Posted by Erin Smith

Peter Fritzkowski is a Gold Coast-based accountant who creates his own software, runs a successful accounting firm from home, and services a global client base.

Given his extensive expertise in technology and accounting, we asked Peter if we could track his experience with Xero Tax – and one month in, his passion for the product is palpable.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I’ve been an accountant for a long time – about 46 years,” explains Peter, who has always relied on word-of-mouth referrals.

“I really like accounting and tax but what has kept me doing this for so long is that my job is all about people.

“I like to help people with any financial problems they have – and help people not to feel intimidated by their finances,” he says. Peter’s clients have asked him to never retire he says, and he has no intention of doing so.

From frustration to inspiration

With a background in computing and a passion for making his own software, Peter was keen to use Xero Tax after some frustrating experiences he had in the past with other software packages.

“I was using MYOB AE Tax software,” he explains. “And it was just so difficult. So I decided to try Xero Tax – out of frustration as much as anything.

“Within two days of the 14-day trial, I was up and running and there was no looking back. I honestly had a smile on my face the whole time”.

Simplicity counts

There are several reasons Peter gives as to why Xero Tax has been such a positive experience – and it starts with its simplicity.

“The main drawcard is that it’s just so simple to use,” he explains. “You’ve got all the facilities there to help you, and it is a genuine pleasure to use this software.

“For example, the dropdown box system is brilliant. It helps ease the process so much. To go from being frustrated to now using Xero Tax, you just can’t compare.”

Help at hand

The support behind Xero Tax is another standout benefit for Peter, who is impressed by the overall responsivity from the help desk, as well as the online information guide.

“The extent of online information is truly fantastic, and it’s very easy to get the answers you need.

“I can get the answer I need, online in seconds, and the search function intuitively helps predict my query. But if I need to get more help beyond this, Xero’s help desk is great.

“My emails are pretty much responded to within minutes and the help provided is always spot on,” he says.

Afoot with industry change

The bigger picture has a role to play as well, and it’s important that Xero’s software leads the way as industry changes come into effect.

“I really appreciate that Xero is completely up to speed on what is happening, and this is reflected in the software,” Peter says.

“An example is the upcoming change by the tax office to move to a practitioner lodgement system (PLS) from an electronic lodgement system (ELS). The tax office are transitioning people to use the practitioner lodgement system, which is more direct. But a lot of software manufacturers aren’t up to date with that.

“So when I lodged my first tax return with Xero Tax, I saw I was lodging on PLS. That really made me feel good too, because Xero is so up to date with what’s going on and it’s reflected in their software.”

Going further afield

The relevance and simplicity of Xero Tax has already benefited thousands of accountants, bookkeepers and the small businesses they work with. And, as more partners integrate the product into their practice, its message continues to swell.

“I’m not saying any of this because I want to make Xero feel good,” he says. “I’m saying it because it comes from my heart. The time that Xero Tax saves me is so significant. I just want others to know about it.

“I think people who haven’t yet tried Xero Tax yet hold back because it is an unknown. But I want to help Xero Tax be more exposed, as I know how amazing it is. It is so simple, I can’t stress enough what a pleasure it is to use.

“As soon as you start to use Xero Tax, you’ll see the difference. Within one day I was committed 100% to it.”

Quick questions…

What does success look like for you?

“For me it’s not about the money, or even growth. I rarely take on new clients. It’s about inviting a person into my home office and sitting down with them to help them take control of their finances, and not feel intimidated by this process. It’s about them trusting me and when I get positive feedback, this is why I do what I do.”

How does Xero help you to build your version of success?

“A lot of what I do comes down to my relationships with the people I help. Xero enables me to do more of that, by saving me so much time. I pass this time saved onto my clients, by not charging them for things that used to take much longer. Clients are always pleased to see lower bills.

Xero Tax has allowed me to concentrate more on my client’s needs and not have to worry about problems and updates with software.”

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