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How to build a training program in your firm

Posted 3 years ago in Advisors by Cindy Milde
Posted by Cindy Milde

Teaching yourself new skills is important. It’s the key to running a successful business, whether you work on your own or in a team, and whether you’re new to Xero or a seasoned user.

When it comes to staying up to date with what’s going on in Xero and in the industry, training programs are a great way to strengthen your employee’s skills. By bringing everyone to a higher level – so they all have similar skills and knowledge – you can bring more efficiencies to the business.

You may have a training program in place already, or perhaps you’re thinking of introducing one this year. Either way, Xero has some great resources for educational content – including hundreds of online videos and live courses on Xero U.

Here are some tips and options to consider when building a training program of your own:

Self-paced training

Xero has hundreds of live and online courses and webinars where you can learn more about Xero and how to use it. The good thing about this is that you can do it in your own time and at your own pace. Simply block out 15 minutes each morning before you start your working day. You can learn tips and tricks that improve your workflow, be more efficient using Xero, or simply learn more about a new feature.

New content is shared almost weekly and the education team is here to make sure you and your staff can stay on top of new releases. You can do this through our monthly product updates and Xero Now – a beautiful show from Xero where we chat to an inspiring bunch of people, from Xero partners and product experts to industry professionals and special guests.

Team training – employee presentations

It’s common for bookkeeping and accounting practices to have a weekly training day where staff share industry knowledge. During this hourly training session, think about asking one of your team members give a five-minute presentation on a specific Xero topic. It could be the latest tips and tricks they’ve learned, new features they’ve discovered, the introduction of a new ecosystem partner or a wrap-up of industry changes.

This is a great way for the whole team to profit from everyone’s Xero knowledge, and provides a starting point for discussions on how to best use Xero as a team.

Team training sessions from Xero Account Managers

Every Xero partner has a dedicated Xero Account Manager who can help with your internal Xero training. The Account Manager can identify any potential education gaps in the team and hold a presentation with the help of the Xero Partner Consultants. We already have a range of specific topics that my suit your practice, such as ‘Xero Tips and Tricks’, ‘Report Template Training’, ‘Intro to Xero Tax’ … the list goes on!

Get in contact with your Account Manager to see what sessions are available.


Join us on the road for a day of training. Roadshows, Xerocon and classroom training all offer a learning advantage for staff, partners and firm owners.

This year, our February Roadshow kicks off with a morning ‘Introduction to Xero’ session. This session is for anyone who is new to Xero, including staff and partners thinking about using Xero. It’s also a great opportunity for you to ensure your team buy into the reasons you’re using Xero for your business. It can help your team understand why you have chosen the software, what Xero is here to help you achieve, and the key features that will help you gain efficiencies to provide greater customer service.

In the afternoon, we’ll provide updates on what’s coming to Xero and what’s happening in the industry. All this knowledge can help you lead the way with your business and your clients’ businesses. Don’t forget to share it with everyone back at the office, too.


Learning from others is a fantastic way of leveraging knowledge and skills – and Xero has a fantastic community of partners who are willing to share their tips on specific issues.

There are communities available to all Xero partners and their staff. For more details contact your Account Manager.

The choice is yours

Providing professional development to your team is a proactive way to increase staff knowledge and satisfaction, because your team knows you are putting them first. And, if you run your own business, it’s just as important to make time to work on your business by developing your skills.

You can use the tips above to build up your own training program. Or if you’d like some help implementing a training program, contact your Account Manager or the Education Team at

The Education Team

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