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Xero Gravity: Jack Candlish – Your surfboard is trashing the ocean

Posted 5 years ago in Xero Gravity by Ludmila Buqeileh

Ambitious, yet humble, Jack Candlish is looking to change the way we manufacture surfboards. That’s what prompted him to start Organic Dynamic, a business using local wood timber and recycled materials to make boards that are not only safe for the environment but great for the waves.

This week on Xero Gravity, Jack sits down with Elizabeth Ü to share his incredible journey from avid surfer to business owner – one that includes a lot of passion, some trial and error, and a couple of serendipitous moments.

Turns out, Jack didn’t start building surfboards to make money. The traditional boards he was using at the time weren’t sustainable – financially or environmentally. So, he decided to make his own. Using the tools from his woodworking business, Jack created a board using locally sourced wood instead of conventional polyurethane foam.

xero gravity podcast 80: surfboard trashing ocean

“I was kind of more interested in just developing a really good product then trying to monetize it early on,” he tells Elizabeth. But his eco-friendly board didn’t go unnoticed and Jack was approached to participate in a local program for startups – Lightning Lab Manufacturing. The program really allowed Jack the time and money to perfect his surfboard for commercial sale while still keeping to his goal of sustainability.

“For me, sustainability means being able to do the things I love in ten, twenty, thirty years time and then, being able to do those things with my kids, when I eventually have some kids. It’s important to try and make decisions now that will allow us to do that,” says Jack.

That’s why his ultimate goal includes getting awareness for how toxic polyurethane foam is. In Jack’s experience, many surfers don’t even know that their boards are bad for the environment and he’s changing that one board at a time.

Tune in for more on Xero Gravity #80 – including why surfing is good for your mental health and the connection between Jack’s surfboards and The Lord of The Rings. You may just be surfing on part of the movie set!

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