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What will we be doing more of in 2017?

Posted 3 years ago in Xero news by Andrea Key
Posted by Andrea Key

With the end of the year in sight, we went out and asked our community – that’s you! – what they’d do with one more day in 2016. There’s no doubt that it’s been a memorable year and some of you can’t wait for it to be over.


All jokes aside, a really strong theme has come through – and at this time of year it’s no surprise – people love to spend time with family. So, no matter the size of your business or practice, being with your loved ones is the number one thing we all wish we could do more of. What we also found so inspirational was how many of you would do something special for your customers, here’s some of our favorite messages that expressed that beautifully.


It’s handy that there are holidays just around the corner so we might all get a chance to make that happen. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, we hope over the next couple of weeks you get the chance to put your feet up, relax and recharge and reflect on all that you achieved in the year that was. Then it’s time to look forward to the year ahead and help each other do more in 2017. Bring it on!

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