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Balance your books with future dated transactions

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We have been working on the Running Balance for the Bank Account Transactions page. I am stoked to announce this highly requested feature is now live!

This is the start of a bigger project to help our small businesses ensure their bank accounts are reconciled, and match their actual bank balance.

Note this is not a running balance in the Account Transaction Report.


Cash is King

We hear it time and time again that cashflow is what sets a successful business apart from those on a downward spiral. In fact 82% of small businesses fail due to poor cashflow and yet we still see businesses failing to reconcile their accounts regularly.

The bank account transactions running balance will let customers see their cash position in real time. Combine this with real time reports and the Business Performance Dashboard, and our customers now have a greater understanding of how their business is tracking.

The new running balance is also a godsend for our bookkeepers and accountants, to help them match things up to the bank balance, when there has been a slip of the thumb by their clients.


How it works

The running balance includes all reconciled transactions, as well as any unreconciled Spend Money and Receive Money transactions. Now you get the full picture of your cash position based on future transactions.

When the balance is greyed out, like the top line in the below image, it indicates the transaction is in the future.


Future dated transactions do not affect your “Balance in Xero”, which always show as at today’s date. However, it is helpful to see what spending is coming up, like a batch payment that is going to be paid in a few days time for example.

Note that the Running Balance will only show when the page is sorted by date (which is the default).

This is a part of a wider piece work on solving Xero’s most queried area; Bank Balances in Xero that do not match their real bank Balances. Watch this space for a smarter way to reconcile.


December 23, 2016 at 12.39 am

I can’t see it my bank transactions view.

Christian Newman in reply to Tom
December 23, 2016 at 11.16 am

Hi Tom,

The running balance only works when the page is sorted by date (which is the default), i.e. not when sorted by reference. Alternatively try refreshing your cookies and cache, as you may have the old version of Xero on your browser.
Please check that and let us know if you still can’t see the running balance.

natalie fairbourne
January 25, 2017 at 10.04 pm

When my running balance column appeared, it is different than the number “balance in Xero” why would that be? Note: this is a petty cash account and everything is entered manually, so the “statement balance” is always crazy because there are always plenty of orange unreconciled transactions. We relied on the “balance in Xero” number when physically counting the cash. The running balance is correct when physically counting the cash, but the “balance in Xero” number is not.

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