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Xero HQ: The Activity Feed

Posted 5 years ago in Product by Mark Schultz
Posted by Mark Schultz

Xero HQ, the successor to My Xero Partner Edition, will be available to all our accounting and bookkeeping partners for opt-in from late November. For more information on the full feature set refer to our announcement blog here. In this blog we take a look at the Activity Feed.

Xero HQ Activity Feed

Pop quiz: What do you have to do this week? Today? What’s ready to go? Which clients need prioritising?

Considering you may have hundreds of clients, each with potentially dozens of tasks, how long would it take for you to confidently answer, and act on, all of the above questions?

Often the answer varies greatly by the client, the nature of the work and the staff member performing it. Having the information available is only half the battle, being able to access it and then use effectively and efficiently is what becomes transformational for your practice.

Introducing the Xero HQ activity feed

The activity feed is designed to improve your visibility of information and tasks across all of your Xero clients, helping you to become even more productive. Rather than spending your time digging into your clients’ Xero files one at a time to see what, if anything, needs doing, the activity feed does the work for you revealing the information you need when you need it.


For example, using the activity feed so you can see which of your clients have bank transactions to be coded, or if their accounts have not been fully reconciled for a number of days. The value of these thresholds can be customised to suit each client.

Once you know what needs to be done the activity feed provides a link to take you directly to the location you need to make that action. Fewer clicks means less searching, and more time saved.


Let’s take a look at the alerts which will be available for each region on launch of Xero HQ this November


  • GST returns due
  • Payroll – payruns due
  • Workpapers – assigned, awaiting review, ready to action, overdue
  • Unreconciled bank transactions (which can use personalised thresholds)


  • BAS and IAS returns due
  • Payroll – payruns due
  • Workpapers – assigned, awaiting review, ready to action, overdue
  • Unreconciled bank transactions (which can use personalised thresholds)


  • VAT returns due
  • Payroll – payruns due
  • Workpapers – assigned, awaiting review, ready to action, overdue
  • FPS and EPS submission failures
  • Unreconciled bank transactions (which can use personalised thresholds)


  • Payroll – payruns due
  • Workpapers – assigned, awaiting review, ready to action, overdue
  • Unreconciled bank transactions (which can use personalized thresholds)


  • Unreconciled bank transactions (which can use personalised thresholds)
  • Workpapers – assigned, awaiting review, ready to action, overdue

Each of these alerts will also include additional information so you know how much work is required, and can better plan your day.

More alerts will be added on an ongoing basis as part of continual enhancements being made to Xero HQ.

Tailored to your individual preferences

The Xero HQ activity feed can be quickly and easily tailored to suit you. Choose the tasks you’re responsible for and the clients you’re interested in by using the preference options. You’ll see everything you need to see and nothing you don’t.

With these preference settings you can:

  • Turn off a specific alert type for a specific client,
  • Turn off all alert types for a specific client, or
  • Turn off a specific alert type for all clients

You can set the preferences from each alert in the Activity Feed. Nice and easy!


Any preferences you set only affect your own activity feed, nobody else’s. If your preferences change, you can easily change these settings from the Settings > System alerts area.

You can filter the activity feed for particular tasks, for example, if you’re concentrating on sales tax returns for the day.

You can also filter for all information for a specific client, for example if you’re getting all of their outstanding tasks completed in preparation for a meeting or an upcoming task.


Automatic or manual deleting: keeping up to date and focused on the next priority

Once you’ve completed a task the alert for it will be automatically removed.

If there is something in your activity feed which you want to manually remove, perhaps because another staff member in your practice is handling it, you can simply delete it from your activity feed.

You can also delete multiple alerts at once to quickly clean up the alerts list.


Deleting only affects your own list. Other staff members with the same alert will still be able to see it.

Custom Rules: get alerts on specific rules for key clients

Do you need to keep an eye on the state of unreconciled transactions for key clients? You can set up custom rules for selected clients to get alerted when:

  • the number of unreconciled transactions goes over a certain count, or
  • the accounts have not been fully reconciled for a certain number of days.

If either threshold is crossed, the alert will be triggered. You can set different thresholds for different clients. This lets you proactively manage key clients to ensure they don’t fall too far behind.

image-5-v3 image-6-v3

These rules are created and maintained in the Settings > Custom alerts area.

What’s next for the activity feed?

The next major milestone planned for the Activity Feed is to include activity information from connected apps in our market-leading Xero ecosystem.

This could include billing and expense apps, financial reporting apps, and client onboarding and relationship management apps. Our goal is to save you time navigating between different apps, helping you surface and prioritize what’s important in a fast, efficient & comprehensive manner. With helpful action links to take you to the most appropriate place in an app, the possibilities and role connected apps will play in this space is super important.

We’re excited about the potential Xero HQ activity feed has to make you more efficient and productive, and we’d love to hear what you think! Post your thoughts below.

If you’d like to see it in action first, watch the video overview below. And remember to check out all the other great features and connections that are coming soon in Xero HQ here.


Neethu Stephen
November 4, 2016 at 10.33 pm

This looks state of the art, one of the things I love the best about Xero is it’s forward thinking ability. Fantastic approach to a changing tech scene!

November 7, 2016 at 4.19 pm

Love the new innovative thinking – well done Xero!

Scott Bradshaw
November 10, 2016 at 11.51 am

Will clients get their own activity feed? Many of ours use Xero well and complete their own payroll and vat, but would benefit from timely reminders and prompts.

John Baumann
October 18, 2017 at 5.38 am

This is how Xero is raising the bar for accounting software – making the process more coherent and simple. Xero is the leader in the Lean Accounting Principles!! Thank you!!

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