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Xero Gravity: Will robots replace us all?

Posted 7 years ago in Tech by Ludmila Buqeileh

As technology takes over our lives, will it also take over our jobs?

This week on Xero Gravity we look at how technology and automation are changing the way we do business and what that means for the future of work. To discuss this growing topic, we welcome Abhijeet Dwivedi, COO at Zenefits and Jason Mills, director of sales and success at Expensify. But will robots really replace us all? Abhijeet and Jason don’t think so and explain why on this very captivating episode.

Our two guests share a desire for helping small businesses do less by automating more – allowing business owners more time to work on the passion side of business. It’s part of what attracted the two to their respective roles – the HR automation that Zenefits provides and expenses automation through Expensify.

So what does the future look like when more work processes get automated and delegated to technology? Well, according to both Abhijeet and Jason it’s not a place where the workforce becomes extinct, and a robot takeover ensues. In fact, higher productivity and considerable time saved are just some of the outcomes of increased automation.

xero gravity podcast 75: automation in business

“That would mean somebody who just wants to serve awesome coffee would just focus on that. You’d see more businesses come up, you’d see existing businesses thrive. You’d see more effort being put into making the product and service great. It will be net positive for everyone,” says Abhijeet.

“The product or service that’s being provided is provided with a higher quality at a higher volume, scale, and production. I think we get more of what we want and all the things that, frankly, no one wants to do we just are doing much, much less of. Hopefully one day automating it entirely away,” adds Jason.

So tune into Xero Gravity #75 to hear more from Abhijeet and Jason –  including why we’re drinking the Silicon Valley Kool-Aid and how past experiences in their own small businesses lead them to where they are today.

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