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Xplore AKL: Some of my highlights

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We’re well into Day 2 of the Xplore Hackathon here in Auckland, and already we are seeing some really cool concepts coming to life. The teams have been refueled on pizza and plenty of lollies, and are about to head into the final presentations. Before the winners are announced, here are my highlights from throughout the 2 days.


The idea I’m most excited about is ‘Xuber’, a ridesharing app for Xero employees. We all try to get to know each other around the office, but it’s difficult to touch base with everyone. Especially when there’s 300 of us now in Auckland. It’s also not a natural progression of conversation to ask where someone lives. When it comes to car pooling to work, I think we’re about to find out that there is a far more streamlined way to organize it.

Another cool concept that’s currently in production is ‘SpotiXero’. A social music player specifically designed to be used at our Friday evening drinks. These happen once a week in our main kitchen and are a great opportunity to get to know people from other teams that you wouldn’t normally mix with. At the moment it’s just a first in first serve scenario when it comes to who’s phone is plugged into the speaker. Someone’s music preference gives a bit of an insight into their personality. I’m expecting this collaboration style music player to give us all a better understanding of our coworkers.

Lastly, if pulled off it’ll prove very useful for our avid amateur billiard athletes, a sensor powered app. The app will be able to show potential contenders whether the pool table is already being used, from the comfort of their desks. One of the themes that runs deep in our culture is endorsement of breakout spaces and activities. We have either a pool or ping pong table in most offices, some have both. Developer’s creativity is constantly in demand, so having an space to clear their heads and socialize within the office is crucial for productivity.

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