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Xplore AKL: the results are in

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After a fantastic run in all of Xero’s offices globally, the Xplore hackathon came to an end on Friday. The Auckland crew had a great time, with the final products proving that everyone involved clearly gave it all they had.

After two full days spent coding and creating, the teams were mighty pleased to crack open a drink, sit back, and watch what their fellow competitors had been working on.

There were 17 teams in our office, each competing for one of the top prizes. Here are the results!

Judge’s Award

Chosen by a panel of judges including Anna Curzon, David Willis acting CEO of Qrious and Will Velida, this award went to the team with the overall highest level of learning, collaboration and fun. The judges took into consideration innovation of the project or technology used, whether the project was complete, and if the team met the spirit of Xplore – which was to learn and have fun.

The League of Xero took the crown for Auckland. Their project created a mobile application which increases the employee value proposition by enabling Xero’s to make meaningful and lasting connections that foster a spirit of competitiveness while working and playing together.

People’s Choice Award

This award was judged anonymously by all of those attending the presentations. Team Lonely Ivan, made up of just Ivan Miskovic, created a highly-technical solution for developers at Xero to be able to see a vision of where front-ends could be in a few years time. His idea provided an interface that would make editing the front-end of any page as simple as using a tool like WordPress.

Some of the other prizes included the Diversity Award, which went to Dough-Nation; the award for Most Social went to Kirk Holloway; Most Complete (MVP) went to Reporjing; Best Presentation was awarded to Bots R Us; the Innovation Award was handed over to XUber; the judges’ spot prize for New Technology, Best Non-Code went to Unfair They’re Going to Win; and finally, The Most Epic Failure went to NewGet.
Overall, it was a great couple of days for everyone involved. We can’t wait to kick it all off again soon!

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