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Meet our Cloud Street resident, Radical Yes!

Posted 5 years ago in Small business by Erin Smith
Posted by Erin Smith

When Melbourne designer Kerryn Moscicki became a mother, she decided to leave her demanding job in fashion to train as a yoga instructor. But a creative colleague soon presented an exciting opportunity – and a beautiful brand, blending fashion and yoga, was born.

We caught up with Kerryn to learn more about her business, Radical Yes!, and the unique style it will bring to Cloud Street, Brisbane.

Welcome to Cloud Street Where did it all begin for you?

I’ve worked in the fashion industry for almost 20 years. A large part of that time was spent in product development roles making ranges for fashion chain stores. Once I became a mum, despite how much I loved the roles I was working in I found it difficult to balance the travel the job required with family life. Eventually, after a lot of soul searching, I quit my job and started training as a yoga instructor.

Not long after I’d left my job, one of the makers I used to work with got in touch to ask me what I was doing. He said, “If you design a brand, I’ll make it.” I laughed. That was the last thing I thought I wanted.

But somehow the idea stuck and I came up with the idea of a range of ‘fashion-activewear’ shoes that women could wear with their yoga gear. We started with a 7-piece flat sole collection three years ago and have now extended it to 23 styles, as well as bags and sunglasses, which we sell online and through our new pop-up store in Melbourne.

Why did you launch online?

It was important for us to start online. When you sell to wholesale, it’s not unusual for a buyer to tell you how your product should look. If you’re still establishing your brand, you can risk diluting your offer, your knowledge of your customer and the the thing that made you special in the first place.

Launching online, we worked directly with our customers, got real feedback and stayed nimble enough to change. That’s a great position for any designer. It comes with its own pressures, for sure, but it brings a special intimacy to your work.

Our customers are incredible women. They are intelligent and creative – artists, dancers, yogis and mothers. They know that our shoes have enough personality to make a statement, but they let you get on with your day too. We want to celebrate that mix.

radical yes cloud street

What inspired you to apply for Cloud Street?

We love using technology to work more directly with our customers and share our ethical focus. (We produce a selection of vegan-friendly shoes, for example, and support charitable causes.)

Now we want to take our shoes to the people and have been thinking about a pop-up van that goes to regional areas. Cloud Street gives us the opportunity to test that idea on a mega-scale – in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall no less.

We don’t often repeat styles or colours, and make things in small quantities, so people know that they’re getting something very special, designed in Melbourne and manufactured with one key supplier in Shenzhen, China.

What’s next for Radical Yes!?

Running a small business is chaotic and frenetic, but that’s retail. Sometimes you’re on top of the day and sometimes the day gets on top of you. I always remember my dad telling me, “retail is detail” – and that’s so true. There’s a lot to do, you have to be gentle on yourself.

I don’t have all the answers of what’s to come, but I have complete faith in the personality and quality of the product, and what it stands for. Watching that grow is so exciting.

Cloud Street is a unique pop-up store featuring a range of Xero customers who normally reside in the online space. Come and visit Radical Yes! at Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, from 16 to 21 October – before Cloud St hits the road, bringing more online stores to life across Newcastle, Wollongong, Parramatta and Melbourne up until Christmas.

To see all the latest wares and discover who’s next to appear, follow the conversation at #cloudst

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