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How Xero and simPRO make business for tradies as easy as flipping a switch

Posted 4 years ago in Advisors by Guest
Posted by Guest

All it took for this electrical contractor to have a lightbulb moment was a fruitless search for a browser-based business management solution.

Frustrated with time lost on messy paperwork and spreadsheets and the limited visibility these management methods offered, Steve Bradshaw introduced simPRO Enterprise to the trade contracting world in 2002.

simPRO helps trade contractors take control of their businesses, so that they’re able to drive growth. Contractors use simPRO for service and project management, estimating, automated scheduling and more.

Xero + simPRO: A beautiful overview of your business’ cashflow

Through their seamless integration, Xero and simPRO give business owners a complete and powerful management tool to successfully run and grow their business.

The data from simPRO – customer contacts, supplier information, invoices and more – flows into Xero, ditching double data entry and making tasks like bank reconciliation a breeze.

Both Xero and simPRO were founded on a shared vision of helping businesses thrive, this includes giving small business owners back valuable time; time that can be spent unwinding with family, says simPRO Software’s founder.

“At simPRO, we’ve always aimed to improve our customers’ lives,” Steve says. “Through our integration with Xero, we improve efficiencies within our customers’ businesses and help them ensure they are always cashflow positive.”

BlueHub are independent cloud consultants and a fellow Xero app partner. The company’s Managing Director, Matt Flanagan, says the data that flows from simPRO into the single ledger on Xero’s dashboard provides an incredibly valuable end-to-end solution for business owners.

“For businesses with employees working onsite and travelling to various jobs in plumbing, electrical, and security, simPRO creates an essential full operational picture,” Matt says.

“When simPRO is set up with Xero, financial and operational information flows together, with invoices and payments joining up the dots without the need for manual entry, matching up job paperwork and wasted man hours chasing information.

“This gives businesses a sound understanding of their financial picture in a live format. It’s a truly holistic job management system, making businesses more efficient, keeping costing and work on track and saving money in the process.”

Enabling accountants to give specialised advisory services

Today, accountants are so much more than end-of-year number crunchers. They are often considered as business advisors, and rightfully so. They have access to a company’s financial data, and an in-depth understanding of said data – so why shouldn’t they be?

When an accounting software like Xero is partnered with a job management software like simPRO, accountants can be made privy to a business’ operational data. With simPRO, an accountant can provide better advice for business improvement.

Wayne Searle, Owner and Director at accounting firm ESP Business Solutions, agrees that a Xero and simPRO integration enables accounting professionals to provide these advisory services to their clients.

“Integrating accounting systems with key operational processes to improve efficiency and ultimately profit and cashflow is something we believe every accountant should help their clients to do,” Wayne says.

“Xero, working in tandem with simPRO, facilitates the focus on job profitability and enables the business owner to track and analyse the profitability of every job.”

Nathan Keeley of Xero accounting partner, Carpenter Box, shares this opinion.

“Looking at the app partners available for our clients, we have been able to understand more about our clients and recommend a suitable solution for them,” Nathan says.

“The introduction of app partners and specialist software like simPRO have led to increased efficiency for our clients in terms of time spent on business administration.”

By leveraging simPRO’s seamless integration with Xero, trade contractors can take control of their businesses and their lives and their advisors can provide them with better insights. 

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This guest post was written by Vanessa Winter, Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at simPRO. 


January 6, 2018 at 5.20 pm

Great Post Vanessa,

simPRO and Xero is an awesome combination together, we certainly agree. So much so that we are now investing in taking this integration deeper with a simPRO to Xero Payroll integration. Single click export of hours and data from simPRO schedule to Xero Payroll.

Check out for more info.


Mario Laginha
May 12, 2020 at 5.13 pm

How does stock control mesh with xero and simpro

Beeny Atherton in reply to Mario Laginha Xero
May 21, 2020 at 12.05 pm

Hi Mario, hopefully this guide will provide you with some help.

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