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Xero Gravity: Building yourself out of business operations

Posted 6 years ago in Small business by Ludmila Buqeileh

Can you run a successful business and still have time for an afternoon surf session? According to Meryl Johnston, absolutely!

She’s done just that with Bean Ninjas, an online accounting and bookkeeping firm she co-founded, breaking the notion that a long work week is the only road to success. With a thriving business and a shrinking timesheet, Meryl joins us on Xero Gravity to share how achieving a work-life balance is more than possible.

“I’ve created a business based on the lifestyle goals that I have. I enjoy the work that I do, but the idea was to have a life outside of work and have time to surf, travel and spend time with friends and family,” says Meryl.

She extends this flexibility to everyone in the office as well. Want to work remotely from Bali? Sure, why not if you’re hitting your deadlines.

xero gravity podcast 65: work-life balance

Dictating where and for how many hours employees need to work becomes less important when you have happy employees and even happier customers. Because for Meryl, it’s all about working smarter, not harder – preferring to use short bursts of intense energy to accomplish the goals of the business.

In fact, that’s how Bean Ninjas was born – committing one week to create the name, website, logo and acquire their first client. Instead of spending months making the business ‘perfect,’ they launched quickly and then fixed what wasn’t working.

“We launched in that week, got feedback and then over a period of months, we kept refining and understanding what parts of our packages customers valued, and which parts they didn’t,” says Meryl.

With over 70 happy clients and an impressive global reach, we think she’s on to something.

So tune into episode 65 of Xero Gravity to hear more on how to build yourself out of business operations and enjoy life outside of work.

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