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We’re adding more ways for Xero Partners to earn points and receive benefits

Posted 6 years ago in Advisors by Xero
Posted by Xero

The replatforming of our next level partner program has created a lot of conversation throughout our partner network, and with very good reason. From marketing materials and practice tools, to exciting new Xero merchandise for clients and staff, we’ve made it easier for our partners to earn rewards.

The improvements that are coming have been made after years of listening to our partners, who’ve been giving us great feedback about what they need to succeed.

The new global points system was pioneered in Australia in 2014 and was well received by our partners. The most significant improvement was the provision of points for advisors ‘invited into’ client orgs.  This enabled more collaboration between partners and recognized that many small businesses benefit from more than one Xero advisor, giving our partners options that they’d told us would provide the most value to their practice.

The lessons we’ve had from our accountants and bookkeepers in Australia have been greatly appreciated, and helped us to create a very effective new approach with a few slight adjustments that we can scale globally.

The result – more ways to earn points, and faster ways to redeem them.

We’ve taken the points system trialled in Australia and have expanded it to include even more points by offering two points for both invited-in and partner paid subscriptions. As we saw in Australia, the inclusion of invited-in clients will help to increase collaboration between accountants and bookkeepers, as everyone gets credit not just the partner paying the subscription. We’re also awarding partners with more ways to earn points by providing points for Xero Ledgers, Xero Payroll (only in UK and NZ), and Xero Premium edition (only in US, AU, SEA and global).

One interesting lesson to come out of our research is that not all of our partners value the points learned for staff activities such as Xero Certification, or attendance at Xerocon and other Xero events, so we’re discontinuing those to focus more on the avenues that serve you better and have added more points in other areas. The points given for Xero Cashbooks remains the same, so you’ll still receive points for this plus all the additional points offered as above.

The introduction of a new global points system will help unlock the value of being a Xero partner even faster, and deliver even more options and benefits as our partners move up through the status levels, in a way that adds most value to them.

The Points Guide provides a more detailed overview of how the system will work. You’ll find all the benefits offered on the Local Partner Level Page.

52708 Points Blog Supporting Image

Once the replatforming of the partner program is live in November, Xero partners will receive a monthly partner points update right after month close statement giving them a clear summary of their points and progress update on on where they’re at in their Xero partnership.

As well as showing how many points they have, the statement will show partners their current status and points needed to reach the next level, how to reach and maintain Xero Champion distinction, and the number of Xero Certified staff within their practice – all in one beautiful way. During the month, partners will be able to view their points, status level and information on their Xero Champion badge on a mini-dashboard within Xero HQ.

There’s one more addition to round out the package: a brand new Xero Store.

The Xero Store is packed full of marketing materials, benefits and merchandise, so partners can be in complete control of the support and rewards they receive and choose the things that offer the most to them. There are more options than ever before. All partners need to do is select what they want and it will be delivered directly to their door.  A link to the Xero Store will be placed within Xero HQ to make fast and easy for partners access the store.

Like the other enhancements to the partner program, the new points system, monthly partner points statement, and Xero store are due to become available launched in November 2016.

Keep an eye out for the launch celebrations and head over to the store to check out what’s on offer. The sooner we can get our partners earning points and claiming their well-earned benefits and rewards, the better.


Mary-Clare Switz
September 11, 2016 at 1.56 pm

Hi Xero,
I am now confused about the program. I have checked the Status Page. To be Bronze you need 10 points, to be Silver you need 30. In the 2nd image on the blog, you show a Bronze partner with 70 points.

Doug LaBahn
September 11, 2016 at 8.57 pm

@Mary-Clare, until November, there is no change to the way that partner status is determined. We are working through the details and will be sharing updates with partners. The updated point thresholds for partner status levels will be shared with partners in October and will become effective in November 2016. The artwork shown here is only an illustration.

September 22, 2016 at 10.42 am

I have questions, who can we email?

Doug LaBahn
September 22, 2016 at 9.29 pm

Hi Anja, thanks for posting. Mel Morris NZ Head of Bookkeeping would like to reach out and have a conversation around your questions. Mel will be in touch tomorrow. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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