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How do you find your “genius zone”?

Posted 4 years ago in Small business by Beeny Atherton
Posted by Beeny Atherton

Grace Lever believes everyone has a “genius zone” – an area in which they perform so spectacularly that everyone is awed. If you can figure out what lies in your genius zone, and monetize it – the world is your oyster.

Grace is the founder of – a program dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs created create successful, balanced, automated, businesses.

Finding your genius zone

Grace’s business builds on her philosophy that every single girl or woman has something she does amazingly.

“It’s important to try and figure out what that is – think of all the incredible talents the girls and women in your life have. Chances are you’re amazed, because their skills are unique to them.

“So listen when people tell you how amazing you are at doing one particular thing – it’s likely that this is unique to you. Think about whether this could be that incredible thing that you turn into a business!”

So what happens if you find your genius zone? If you do this in the right way, you can make money doing something you love and you’re good at. You also have a lot more freedom when it comes to choosing your lifestyle. After the success of her business, Grace and her husband were able to move to their dream location.

“We chose Adelaide Hills – getting out of the city and getting closer to the wineries was so exciting. And it’s something so many more women can have,” says Grace.

Grace helps female entrepreneurs find their "genius zone" so they can become entrepreneurs.

Turning genius into a business

Grace strongly believes in the power of “massive, imperfect action.” Most ideas will never be perfect – they require “hardcore doing”: getting stuck in and riding the waves.

“The mantra I say to myself and teach others is “I’m an an intelligent woman, everything is workoutable,” says Grace. “In other words: other entrepreneurs have figured this out, so I will too.”

One of Grace’s clients is a woman named Lindy, who is not only a yoga instructor, but has the incredible ability to teach yoga to kids. She’d been running her studio for six years, when Grace advised that she teach other people how to teach children’s yoga.

“She took my advice, and in a couple of weeks she’d made $84,000. She was so excited! The thing is, everyone is capable of having that excitement. I love seeing what these women can do when they harness and scale their full potential. And I love seeing what happens to their families, friends and communities – the ripple effect is incredible.”

How helps entrepreneurial women realise their dreams

Grace was inspired to launch after she built six businesses from scratch – and it wasn’t until she got to the sixth that she no longer felt her lifestyle and sanity being destroyed.

“When I figured out how to achieve work-life balance, I wanted to share it with others,” Grace explains. “Seeing people going through the same stress I had experienced made me sad. So, since I’d already been through the trial-and-error side of running a business, I decided to share what I’d learned with the entrepreneur community!”

“So many programs designed for female entrepreneurs were all breakfast and chats. Women weren’t being looked after properly. We want to get stuff done! Real strategy and learning the practical, doing side of things is what we teach – and what makes a difference.”

Grace knows how to take a great selfie.

Telstra Women’s Business Awards

In 2016, Grace has been selected as a finalist in the Telstra Women’s Business Awards in the ‘Young Business Women’s Award’ category for South Australia. It’s no surprise – has experienced rapid growth and expansion in Australia and the US – with the UK, Canada and New Zealand coming soon. The business has such a strong focus on automation, being smart, and developing a model that users can scale in order to reach more customers and generate more profit.

“This nomination has been incredible, because I’m forced to pause; to relax and celebrate,” says Grace. “Most entrepreneurs have few chances to stop and acknowledge success – we’re always asking ourselves what’s next. We need to remember to stop and enjoy what we’ve accomplished – it’s good to be reminded to do that myself.”

To Grace from all of us at Xero – good luck for the awards! We look forward to following the rest of your journey.


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June 26, 2017 at 10.07 pm

Well done. Such an interesting story. Keep up the good work. Its interesting that you say to take time and relax. I dont think we always realise what we achieve and take the time to reflect on it.

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