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Find an advisor that is just right for your business in the new Xero Advisor Directory

Posted 5 years ago in Product by Xero
Posted by Xero

Finding the right advisor can have a massive impact on your business. Research we gathered through our Signals insights programme found that Xero subscribers who used an accountant grew their net profit 23% faster than those that did not*. The Xero advisor directory is playing an increasingly important part in making that happen. Every month, around 20,000 people are visiting the directory to find advisors and set up engagements with Xero partners.

Today, at Xerocon South, we announced the that we are replatforming the Xero advisor directory, to make it even easier to select the right partner. We’re using new technology and incorporating our learnings from the last several years of observing the digital behavior of the thousands of small businesses searching for advisors. The Xero advisor directory will be available in November 2016.

With new features such as geo-sensing, fun search capabilities, detailed listings and rich profiles, we’re making the most of automation to let every Xero partner showcase their business. We’ve applied what we learned about what the thousands of small businesses who look for advisors want to see and what matters to them . Our testing shows that when small businesses use the new Xero advisor directory, their confidence in selecting an advisor and the degree to which they research and interact online when engaging an advisor  increases dramatically.

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With a new geo-sensing homepage, the advisor directory automatically registers where the small business is searching from and showcases partners who do business in that area. Search results are based on how many clients the advisors have within the area to ensure the searcher finds a partner with deep knowledge and experience with Xero.


New advisor search results display the most important information – and not too much info. One of the more important requests we had was to be able to find advisors that have experience with their type of business. For example, people looking for advisors for their non-profit, farming, import/export or retail business really want to engage with advisors with substantial experience with the compliance, operational and strategic aspects of their specific business type.

Our replatformed Xero advisor directory helps users search for industry experience and presents each advisor’s industry information immediately on search listings. This way, directory users can easily search for advisors by industry, and find advisors with the industry experience they are looking for. In addition, they can see each advisor’s experience with the industry-specific and vertical apps that are so important to small business success.

In our testing with small businesses, the industry and app experience had a dramatically positive impact on the excitement and eagerness to quickly engage Xero partners.

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New search filters surface the best advisors. Directory users can select the size of firm, type of advisor and presence of Xero champion badges to narrow their search to just the right set of potential partners. The image below shows how easily someone searching for an advisor can choose the location, select only Xero champions, pick the type of advisor, and limit their search to a particular size of practice, from independent self-employed advisors through to larger firms with 50+ advisors on staff.

ad-smb 3

New beautiful full practice profile helps small businesses get to know advisors and their team members, and select who they want to engage. The full profile of partners in our Xero advisor directory brings everything together in one view. One of the most compelling elements is the ability for to see, scan and consider the individual people working for the advisor’s firm. The business owner can engage with either a specific Xero-certified staff member or the advisory firm’s main contact via the contact us button. This uniquely human aspect of the Xero advisor directory reflects the fact that people are at the heart of all successful collaborative, advisory relationships.

Profile page (1) replatforming 2

Watch for the announcement of the replatformed Xero advisor directory in November 2016 when the new Xero partner program launches globally.

Get connected with Xero’s Advisor Directory. You can also find a nearby Xero-certified advisor now if you’re in London, Sydney, Denver or Singapore.

* Source: UK Xero Signals, Oct13-Nov15, matched data n=315

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