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Xero and Vend work together to supercharge retail

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At Xero we are committed to giving retailers access to the kinds of cutting-edge technology traditionally only available to large chain stores. It’s never been easier or more affordable to utilise cloud technologies in retail, and our revamped App Marketplace can make it even simpler. We’ve created an ecosystem of integrated, world-class apps, so retailers can select and build the best system for their business.

And that’s why we’re pleased to be deepening our long-standing partnership with leading point-of-sale and retail management app Vend. We’re working closely on further strengthening our integration – with some fantastic upgrades from Vend already launched – and will continue to innovate together, to create the best combined solution for retailers around the world.

Independent retailers, which aren’t held back by legacy systems, are using Xero and Vend together to better manage their business. For example cooking supplies retailer Borough Kitchen have forgone the traditional till from day one, using Vend on iPad, integrated with Xero and an ecommerce platform to run their three London stores.

“We use our POS Vend with Xero our accounting software to pull in our received orders, track our payables and pay our suppliers on time. With the cloud, everything is easily scalable, intuitive and backed with great support. Unlike traditional software, we see frequent updates and constant improvements that make it easier for us to manage our business,” say David Caldana and Justin Knowbel, joint-owners of Borough Kitchen.

Podarok, a giftware store with two locations also uses Xero + Vend for stock control and accounting and find that it’s been at fraction of the cost of an old-style POS or having a bespoke system built for them.

“What this allowed us to do was reduce costs and most importantly, scale! Within less than a year of starting we were able to open another shop in Oxford. The start up costs of a new shop were tiny compared to other similar businesses because we didn’t need to buy bulky equipment or pay huge fees,” says owner Andrey Pronin.

“The bottom line is: before, a retail business was 80% admin and 20% selling, however, this is no longer true if you want to be successful. To create ‘experience shopping’ the selling must be what takes most of your time. And to do that, one must reduce time spent on admin. Software such as Vend and Xero allow for just that.”

The revamped integration gives retailers greater insights into their profitability and provides a better experience when using Vend and Xero together. Retailers can connect Vend and Xero in just minutes for no cost, and access benefits including:

  • Tracking business performance in real-time. Cost-of-goods sold post to Xero for accurate visibility of real-time profit and loss. Plus Vend supercharges reporting in Xero, so retailers can track how their business is truly performing.
  • Automate bank reconciliation. Vend transactions feed into Xero and are automatically matched against incoming payments. Retailers can be confident that sales, payments, taxes, invoices and cash all sync to the correct Xero accounts.
  • Save hours on admin and improve accuracy. Manual data entry and human errors are a thing of the past with automatic sync between platforms. Retailers can focus on looking after their customers, rather than wrestling with admin and spreadsheets.

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