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Xero and PaySpace hit Joburg

Posted 6 years ago in Advisors by Colin Timmis
Posted by Colin Timmis

You know what they say: no award-winning international SME accounting software company is an island. We’ve been active in South Africa for a while now, and we’ve already made quite an impression – but we want to take things to the next level, and strategic partnerships are a huge part of that process. Our technology is intuitive, efficient, and downright beautiful in its own right, but when it can be used seamlessly with other brilliant products, it becomes even better.

So in July 2016, we were delighted to announce that we’re working with PaySpace on its new Xero integration, and both companies decided to celebrate in the traditional fashion – with a great big welcoming event. Here’s what happened:

Higher and higher

The first thing you notice about Randlords is the view. Located on the 22nd floor of South Point Towers, it offers a stunning, far-reaching vision of the Johannesburg skyline. Against this backdrop, guests enjoyed tasty welcome drinks and lively conversation before the event began.

At 2PM, Grant Driver – a well-respected (and very witty) motivational speaker– began the proceedings and introduced PaySpace co-founder Bruce Van Wyk. Walking a captive audience through his company’s story, Bruce related a story of humble origins, continuous graft, and hard-won glory: how a company that started in a two-bedroom apartment (shared between four people) eventually became a leading light in its field. It’s a stirring tale, and one that has particular resonance for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Integration introduction

From there, he delved into the details and benefits of the integration. Users will be able to map the chart of accounts data from Xero when configuring their GL setup, which will, in turn, enable them streamline the data flow into PaySpace – removing the need to manually input account numbers and reducing the potential for human error. It’s also going to be possible to publish general ledgers from PaySpace into the corresponding ledger in Xero – eliminating the need to download any files. This simultaneously reduces security risks and boosts efficiency.

A beautiful friendship

It was clear from Bruce’s talk that Xero and PaySpace are highly complementary brands, with highly complementary products and solutions – and that Xero had much to offer South Africa’s technology and small business communities.

It’s a theme that Xero’s Craig Hudson – the second speaker of the afternoon – was also keen to emphasise. The relationship between Xero and the Add-On Marketplace is always symbiotic: our partners provide something our customers want that we can’t offer – strengthening us and them in the process.

“We don’t know much about payroll and human capital management solutions”, Craig said, “but customers who need payroll solutions will now have access to them.”

The old line from Casablanca came to mind: “the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Proceedings drew to a close with further networking (and further wine), but not before Craig ended his presentation on an evening-defining note: “There’s a new distractor in town”, he said. “Its name is Xero.”

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