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The power of collaboration in the Xero Ecosystem

Posted 4 years ago in Advisors by Guest
Posted by Guest

Time and time again, the best solution to any problem is collaboration.

For us at Receipt Bank, the problem we’re trying to solve is accountants and bookkeepers losing valuable hours because of inefficient bookkeeping processes. The solution was connecting our bookkeeping automation software to leading cloud accounting packages such as Xero — something that’s been instrumental to our success.

There are hundreds of other fantastic Xero add-ons.

The future of cloud accounting is this ecosystem of add-ons connecting and working together to solve problems for accountants and bookkeepers. Receipt Bank is already invested in this co-operative future. At Xerocon San Francisco this week, we’ll be debuting our new Additional Integrations feature which lets Receipt Bank users connect to multiple add-ons at the same time.

Our partners will be able to streamline the accounts payable process by choosing where they want their client’s extracted receipts and invoices to go. For example, an accountant using Receipt Bank, Xero and together — will be able to forward their client’s data to Xero if it’s already been paid or to if that payment still needs to be made. No more awkward or confusing payments processes.

“Receipt Bank’s Additional Integrations feature means we can offer our clients one seamless client experience,” says Corey Savoie, CPA of Xero Gold Partner firm Aldridge Borden – which has been using Additional Integrations over the past few weeks.

And we’re adding more leading add-ons shortly, including WorkflowMax.

The beauty of the Xero ecosystem

Each add-on tackles a specific problem and strives to be the very best at solving it. Accountants can pick and choose exactly the right tools to help their clients with their own unique needs and focus on the real value adding services such as cash flow forecasting, real-time financial advice, and smart tax planning.

Together we can help solve the challenges our mutual partners are facing. At Receipt Bank we’re delighted to be shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Xero and to help bring a unique mobile first, cloud enabled experience to our partner’s clients.

When the expertise of different add-ons are pooled, beautiful things can happen.

This kind of seamless connectivity and co-operation is what makes it so great to be a part of the Xero ecosystem. Every year when it’s Xerocon time, we watch with delight as more add-ons join the market place. We look forward to being inspired by the new innovations in the Xero ecosystem, and finding ways to work together to make bookkeeping effortless.

This blog was kindly submitted by Damien Greathead from Receipt Bank. 

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