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Ecosystem Partner of the Month: Microsoft Power BI

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Ecosystem Partner of the Month: Microsoft Power BI

Every month we recognise one of our 500-plus ecosystem partners, for the great work they’re doing to help small businesses thrive.

August’s Ecosystem Partner of the Month is  Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics tool  used to analyse data and share insights.  It makes it easy to monitor business performance and get answers quickly, with rich analytics available on every device.  It’s perfect for any business, or accountants and bookkeepers looking to provide business advice to their clients.

What stands out about Microsoft Power BI

  • The Microsoft Power BI team did an amazing job collaborating with Xero, delivering an integration that makes it easy to access and analyse information from Xero and other sources –  to make smart, informed decisions.
  • The Xero Content pack for Power BI delivers 25+ key metrics designed by Xero and the Power BI team. These include: cash position, revenue vs. expenses, profit loss trend, debtor days and return on investment. They can saved as graphs and images to give you a visual snapshot of how your business is tracking.
  • Power BI combined with Xero data provides a powerful tool accountants can use to surface important information when advising business owners.



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