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We’ve crossed the biggest hurdle

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This past weekend, we crossed the biggest hurdle in our massive move to Amazon Web Services (AWS). We underwent several hours of planned downtime to migrate Xero’s shared services from our existing cloud platform, to our new one at Amazon.

For our engineers, it was the technological equivalent of performing open heart surgery. There have been many early mornings and many late nights to help make this happen. But with hard work, we’re now more than halfway there.

We know most of our 700,000+ customers did not notice a thing, since we carefully planned it when everyone was having a sleep in on a Sunday morning in Australia and New Zealand, and we want to thank all our customers and partners for being part of such a massive move.

Unfortunately, a few of our ecosystem partners did notice. A special thanks to those partners who were impacted, for being so understanding while we worked around the clock to resolve the issue. Our ecosystem partners are dear to our hearts, and we want the migration to AWS to be a success for them as well. It will give us all more space to develop our software and grow our business.

Thankfully, we have resolved all of those issues quickly.

It’s important to note that our migration to AWS isn’t about us adopting the cloud for the first time. We were born in the cloud from day one, and we have lived and breathed it ever since. We’ve been fortunate in that we don’t have a legacy of desktop software that we have had to maintain and support alongside newer technology — this has enabled us to innovate rapidly and ensure we are constantly able to grow as more small businesses and accounting partners around the world join our growing community.

So why go through the massive migration to AWS, when we’ve always been built in the cloud?

The move to AWS is effectively part two in our cloud journey. As we have grown our customer base faster than the rest of the industry, we have needed to look at how we continue to provide a beautiful accounting experience as we scale, while delivering innovation to our products and reducing the potential for service downtime.

Our expertise and experimentation in this area led us to identify AWS as the best platform to grow past 1 million customers across more than 180 countries. It wasn’t an easy decision, but one we knew we had to make to set Xero and all of our customers up for future growth.

We won’t need to do anything as big as we did last weekend to complete the migration, however we will continue to provide you with updates on our AWS migration as we near completion, and as we make Xero even more beautiful than before.

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September 14, 2016 at 10.56 am

I come from an IT background of over 15 years and enjoy reading about these kinds of things – massive migrations, how companies accomplish them, etc. It’s interesting because no two migrations will ever be the same and as such, they all present their own very unique challenges.

So I’m curious as to why you chose AWS? I have absolutely no issues with AWS what so ever – more so just curious why that decision was made.


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