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How cloud accounting is taking firms global

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Borders no longer define the market accounting firms today do business in.

Marvin Galang arrived in the US from the Philippines in 2001 with $100 in his pocket.

After spending more than a decade in the accounting industry in the US and surviving many ups and downs, including the recession, he founded accounting firm Double Rule, LLC.

Speaking at Xerocon 2016 in San Francisco, Galang detailed how he established Double Rule in the cloud and came to service clients across the globe.

Focus on business model change, not status quo

Galang says partnering with Xero was the best decision he ever made for his firm. He says innovation in technology, like Xero, enables accounting professionals to achieve their full potential.

“Changes in technology are giving accounting professionals, the globe over, the ability to dream and make that dream a reality,” Galang says.

“I took what I know, which is accounting, and what I am still passionate about, which is technology.” Double Rule now “embraces the cloud 100 percent”.

Galang’s focus on technology extends to the Xero ecosystem, where there are more than 500 add-on partners, including CrunchBoards, Receipt Bank, TSheets and Hubdoc.

“We have an app partner Friday where we spend hours talking about app partners,” Galang says. “We share our experience and how we implemented app partners for our clients.”

Focus on global opportunity, not limited opportunity

Because of Xero’s global focus, Galang says they are now able to take advantage of technology solutions from around the world.

“As users of global software, we are able to accept and process transactions from all over the world,” Galang said.

Double Rule began offering services to other parts of the world, specifically Asia, in March of this year.   

Galang closed by recalling how it was once a widely-held belief that the world was flat. This hypothesis opened up trade and paved the way to offer resources all over the world. He said the world will be considered flat again in the future – in a not so literal sense – and the way will be paved once again, but this time by technology.

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