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How cloud accounting firms can build a successful recruiting strategy

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Cloud accounting software like Xero is transforming the accounting hiring market.

Speaking at Xerocon San Francisco, accountingfly CEO, Jeff Phillips, said listings for remote positions on the company’s jobs board receive eight times more applicants than open positions at traditional firms.

Jeff shared how accountingfly have refined their recruitment strategy over the past year and a half and how this strategy has been transformed because of the largest group in the workforce, millennials.

Jeff said building a recruiting strategy is about telling the right story at the right place. In light of this technological and generational shift, he shared some of his tips for building a successful recruiting strategy.

Decide what drives your culture

Defining your firm’s benefits is part of what drives its culture. He used Xero app partner, Gusto, as an example. They offer staff members unlimited PTO, and while staff members are free to take advantage of this benefit, they need to make sure their job gets done. While this may not be an option at every firm, offering location flexibility may be a suitable alternative.

Jeff also mentioned offering unconventional paternity and maternity benefits as a drawcard. Implementing objective-based promotions has proven successful for many accounting firms. Doing so gives employees milestones to work towards rather than timelines, which in turn drives incentive.

Articulate your recruitment brand

Jeff said if a firm vocalizes their culture, they will work towards lower turnover. In the hiring and interview process, let potential employees know of your size and values from the get-go and let them know why they should trust your firm with their career.

Recruit every day

Jeff said recruiting shouldn’t be something that comes up when there is a position to be filled. Recruiting should be a constant momentum. Firms should develop an internal referral program where employees are rewarded for referring talent.

Again, even when there isn’t an open position within the firm, firm leaders should be always willing to meet with new talent. Meet with graduates and make these connections so, when there is an open position, it can be quickly filled with someone who has already been vetted.

Create quality content

Jeff shared a powerful statistic during his session at Xerocon. He said applications from quality candidates are increased by 300 percent when a company shares relevant content on their website and social media channels.

By blogging, creating videos and more you increase your company’s exposure to potential hires. The next time your perfect candidate is looking for a job and they see your firm’s name on a job listing, they’ll remember reading a blog on your firm’s website about how to look for a job in Southern California, to use an example.

As millennials have dictated the change when it comes to how firms today recruit, firms need to get with the program or get left behind. By taking these steps into account, firms will be able to recruit and retain the best talent from the hiring pool.

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September 5, 2018 at 8.18 pm

I don’t have an idea about this cloud accounting recruiting really, but while reading this article i know better now. Thank you for sharing and posting.

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