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XPAC takes off in South Africa

Posted 5 years ago in Advisors by Colin Timmis
Posted by Colin Timmis

Last week, I attended another great function at Truth Coffee hosted by Yoco in collaboration with Digicape and Xero. A comment was made that stuck in my head most of the weekend – “Don’t waste your time with software that does not integrate.”

I can not imagine what it must be like to work on business or accounting software that does not integrate with other software. I mean, why would a business owner build a business around software that does not promote efficiency? As an accountant I would be concerned if my practice relied heavily on income that was generated by information process that could be made redundant by another piece of software. This will only create frustrations and unnecessary work for the business owner and for an accountant it creates an unsustainable business model as there is no value generated for the purchaser.

Xero’s purpose is to “Enable the small business economy to thrive, through beautiful software, advice and connections”. And as we know, integrations and connections ultimately determine the value of any network.

This is not just true for Software, but also for Accountants:

Many accountants today don’t integrate or connect –  they keep to themselves. They fear that conversation with another accountant may reveal their practices, performance and ideas which may place their revenue stream at risk. Not sharing experiences, ideas and vision has left many traditional accountants stagnant in a fast moving world.

Xero Partners integrate and connect to educate themselves, encourage others and build the community, with small business owners being the ultimate beneficiaries.

South Africa’s first XPAC meeting:

A leading group of cloud accountants gathered to serve on South Africa’s First ever Xero Partner Advisory Council (XPAC) for South Africa last week.

The XPAC represents a group of accountants integrating and connecting with one another to share ideas and thoughts on how to help small businesses thrive. In doing so the value and the power of their individual networks increases as they are brought together with a common goal – “Enable the small business economy to thrive, through beautiful software, advice and connections”

Members who will serve on a rotational basis on the XPAC for a period of 12 months include:

  • Shane Prinsloo – BPAG Chartered Accountants
  • Simon Magner – Iridium Business Solutions
  • Nicole Rousseau – BDO South Africa
  • Ian Meaker – Creative CFO
  • Jo-Anne Williams – Leading Edge Business Services
  • Guy Krige – Diga Digital Solutions
  • Charlaine Barlow – PWC

After insightful and valuable contributions from Rod Drury, Andy Lark, Gary Turner, John Bellamy, Mike Day and Oliver Furniss the XPAC got stuck into how more connections could be made to build the Xero network in South Africa.

Through connection and integration the XPAC will not only increase the number of connections in the Xero network in South Africa, but also unlock opportunities that will help the small business economy to thrive.

We love small business, and love the opportunity that has been created through the XPAC to serve our clients, other Xero partners and our community.

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