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Xero Gravity: Five grand and a backpack: Starting out in business

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Most tequilas on the market today are only 51% tequila and 49% sugar distillate, corn syrup, and caramel. This leaves a bad taste, even worse hangover, and an all around bad rap for the agave spirit.

This week on Xero Gravity we welcome Eric Brass, founder and CEO of Tromba Tequila. During a trip to Mexico, Eric experienced a different side of tequila – made out of 100% agave. Love at first sip, he turned his passion into a successful and international tequila brand. Oh, and he did it all with only five grand, a backpack, and a whole lot of persistence.

Eric joins us from Toronto to chat about Tromba’s journey into the spirits market, including his unconventional sales approach and the role that good timing (and a little bit of dumb luck) played in his success story.

According to Eric, it was really important to focus on the quality of the liquor and the story behind the brand. This, along with a limited marketing budget, allowed him to get creative – going bar to bar and selling one bottle at a time.

Xero Gravity podcast episode 57: five grand new business

“A lot of companies– when they went into a bar–would go right after the purchasing manager or the owner.  We didn’t do that.  We spoke to the guy that was actually pouring the product. He knew the story, he felt passionate about the story, and he would recommend Tromba.  So we haven’t paid a cent for any sort of ‘conventional marketing,’“ says Eric.

This grassroots mentality turned bartenders into brand ambassadors and generated the word-of-mouth exposure he credits to Tromba’s success.

So tune in to hear more on why Eric chose to ignore the naysayers and how, bottle-by-bottle, he built Tromba to become the number two premium tequila in Canada, and number three premium tequila in Australia.

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Mike Holloway
July 23, 2016 at 1.53 pm

Just starting a small rental business hiring trailers and trucks.
Would love to hear some insight to marketing on a tiny budget.
How to make a splash, get attention and start to develop a brand, particularly using guerilla marketing techniques.

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