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Mel Morris joins Xero as NZ Head of Bookkeeping

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New Zealand bookkeeping has undergone an extraordinary transformation over the past decade. Once considered by many a low status backroom job, bookkeeping is now a respected profession within the financial management sector.

As Xero remains committed to directly addressing the needs and wants of our customers globally, it’s important we work closely with key figures in the accounting and bookkeeping industries.

In 2014, Xero CEO Rod Drury announced at Xerocon that he wanted to help bookkeepers double their revenue.  This resulted in Xero investing further in their commitment to the bookkeeping profession: Melanie Power was announced as Head Of Bookkeeping in Australia, and Xero launched the highly successful Grow Your Practice series, which helps bookkeepers set up and grow their business in a cloud-based business model.

Now, we’re excited to announce the appointment of Melanie Morris as Xero’s new Head of Bookkeeping in New Zealand.

Melanie is a pioneer in online bookkeeping and Xero training for bookkeepers, accountants, and small businesses throughout the country. Melanie has been closely involved in the ongoing development of Xero since our inception, being our first Bookkeeping Gold Partner globally, and an active member of  both the NZ Advisory Council and Global Advisory Council.

The Director of two award winning companies, ‘Training and Beyond’ and ‘Bookkeeping and Beyond’, Melanie is also the founding President of the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association. Melanie Morris has helped to develop  a professional body that delivers standards, education and support to bookkeepers throughout the country.

“This is my dream job!” says Morris. “It really feels that everything I have been working for over the past 10 years has lead to this role, I am so excited!
“I love helping small business, I love meeting people and learning about them; and I love helping them to succeed.”


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Kim Hamill
July 28, 2016 at 2.29 pm

Wow Mel! How very, very exciting. You’ll be fantabulous at this role. See you at the NZBAI conference next week..

Helen Fox
July 30, 2016 at 11.43 am

Congratulations Melanie, wonderful news. See you on Friday

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