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How a surfboard shaper used the cloud to launch a global business

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Cloud technology and the search for the perfect wave collide.

Hayden Cox is one of the most well-known young surfboard designers in the world. His boards are sold in over 72 countries, and the “Hypto Krypto” model was awarded Surfboard of the Year at the Australian Surf Industry Awards (2014, 2015) and the US SIMA Image Awards (2015).

Known for his stylish approach to design, Hayden has collaborated with iconic fashion designer Alexander Wang and is profiled by publications including Forbes, GQ, New York Times, Vogue and Esquire. He is also an Audi ambassador and has been a featured speaker at the Semi-Permanent design conference.

At the core of the Haydenshapes philosophy is a commitment to achieving excellence and innovation in every area. Hayden firmly believes that using cutting-edge tools to run and manage his business is a key factor in its success.

“As a brand, we really strive to achieve excellence in design and performance, and provide a great innovative solution for our customers. Using really progressive tools to run and manage our business is a must. We’ve adopted Xero and Fathom as part of this approach to business excellence.”

Hayden has taken advantage of the analysis tools in Fathom to help set definable goals. From here, the business has been able to introduce new product lines and projects, and has also set up a second manufacturing facility in California. Fathom’s consolidations feature then helps the business to get a holistic view of its different operating arms.

“Moving towards cloud-based solutions has been really valuable for us as a business; we’ve been able to react a lot faster to the decision making process,” said Hayden.

Hayden Cox speaks further about the Fathom and Xero integration.

It’s a common theme we have continued to see over the last 5 years: some of the world’s most progressive companies choose to use Fathom with their Xero data to help make better business decisions.

Having launched the integration with Xero five years ago, Fathom now provides reports and insights to thousands of companies around the world.

The partnership is strengthened by the common goal of providing innovative tools to help businesses thrive. As a connected app for Xero, Fathom is suited to any business wanting to grow and improve.

That’s why we’re so excited about attending Xerocon in San Francisco next month. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet with Xero partners, hear feedback, discuss industry trends and to be inspired with new ways to help businesses succeed.

Xero users are typically at the forefront of what’s happening in the accounting industry, and their input has proved incredibly valuable for Fathom. Our product has evolved to meet the needs of so many different business types – from franchise groups to creative agencies and right through to single entity businesses.

Like Xero, we’re committed to thoughtful design and a beautiful, easy to use product. We’re proud to have created a tool that our partners love.

The teams at Fathom and Xero have seen firsthand how leveraging cloud-based solutions can really move the needle for a company.

MetaLab works with the world’s top companies to build amazing apps, digital products, and services. Over the past eight years, they’ve helped everyone from tiny web startups to Fortune 50 companies create products that are simple, beautiful, and easy to use.

The company is well-known as the designer of Slack and Coinbase and the team are also avid Fathom users. CFO Chris Sparling spearheads the financial services division and said how much he loved the Fathom product.

“Fathom has been a vital time saver for our businesses and I now recommend them to everyone I meet. Prior to using Fathom, I was spending a copious amount of time keeping our KPIs up to date.

“With Fathom’s easy Xero integration and visually impactful reports I’m now able to better spend my time addressing areas of concern,” Chris said.

And just this week, we saw this great piece of feedback come through over Twitter from Bud Caddell, founder of NOBL, a consultancy at the forefront of organizational design. It says it all.

“We run our books on @Xero and just connected them to @fathomhq and my mind is BLOWN. Beautiful and useful.”


Fathom is an easy to use management reporting and financial analysis tool, which helps you to assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities.To learn more about Fathom and the other 500+ add on partners visit the Xero Marketplace.



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