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Developer TV out and about in Episode 4

Posted 5 years ago in Xero Developers by Dan Young
Posted by Dan Young

The Developer Ecosystem team have stepped it up a gear this month with their latest episode of Developer TV.

They have had to battle with sickness, travel, weather and also technology to get this episode out to the public.

But luckily with new team shirts and a little more length in the beard we were able to get it done and improve on the good work done in previous episodes.

The team are bringing it in this episode and all your faves make a comeback such as:

  • Brooke’s Ecosystem Update
  • Release Desk feat. Adam Moore
  • Regan’s version of I Heart Integrations
  • Marketplace expectations from Rod

Due to the global nature of our ecosystem we want to showcase the region’s more where we can. We are starting with Wellington. You’ll see that most of the segments are filmed outside on the Wellington waterfront.

I’d encourage you to send any questions or feedback to our Twitter handle using the #AskXeroAPI or #SayHiToYourMotherboardForMe hashtag. If you do then you’ll receive some special developer swag 🙂

Please subscribe to our channel so that you can be notified when new videos are posted. We’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see and if you’re an add-on partner and wish to be involved please hit us up at @XeroAPI or your friendly neighborhood evangelist can help.

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Gillian Rossouw
July 9, 2016 at 4.54 am

Hey Dan & Brooke
Love your episodes showcasing new Add Ons and hearing from Mr X himself

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