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Add extra hours to your work day with apps

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Small business owners are notorious for being time poor. But trying to do it all and spreading yourself too thin isn’t necessarily good for business.

Xero’s Make or Break Research found successful entrepreneurs don’t work around the clock, and 58% say family time is crucial to effectiveness as a business owner. But they do invest in technology for increased productivity.

Advances in cloud-based business tools can reshape the way small business owners run their operations, giving them valuable hours back.

Tools to save time

With so many technology options on the market, it’s important for small business owners to invest in the ones that offer them the most leverage when it comes boosting productivity. Automating tasks and cutting out any unnecessary manual data entry can provide businesses with a quick win.

Cloud accounting software, like Xero’s can integrate with other services and essential tools for running a business. Because data can be shared seamlessly with these integrations, so the data inputting is all done for you.

No more manual data entry

When Sue Graves from from Property Suite started using Receipt Bank’s app, integrated with Xero, she was able to drastically reduce the time she spends manually inputting employee expenses.

“Using Receipt Bank and Xero has saved me at least one day of manual data entry per month. That’s over two working weeks a year I can now spend in more valuable ways,” Sue said.

Receipt Bank extracts keys information from employees receipts, even from an image taken on a mobile, and automatically sends that information into Xero. This not only saves Sue time, but her employees’ time as well.


Learn more about how Receipt Bank can save your business valuable time here.


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