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Xero partner certification: A new way of working

Posted 5 years ago in Advisors by Ashley Driver
Posted by Ashley Driver

“Why should I spend my time completing certification? How will it help me do my job? I’ve got more important things to get done in my day than do that.”

To help address some of these reservations, and showcase the countless timesaving benefits of learning all of Xero’s timesaving features, here are my top 5 feature examples covered in Xero Certification that you might not know existed:

  1. Conversion balances: ­Learn about some of the common scenarios that occur when setting up Xero. From unpresented funds right through to multi-currency balances, the conversion balances are the most important feature when first starting out. If these aren’t correct, none of the balances going forward will be either.
  2. Bank rules:­ Use this to create rules that automatically code statement lines to the general ledger. For example, splitting a monthly loan payment between a principle figure and the interest amount. All you have to do once it’s in place is click OK.
  3. Online invoicing & payment services: ­Find out how you can integrate a wide range of payment services with Xero, and then assign them to a branding theme. Once you’ve done this, use the Online Invoicing link to open up a whole range of different features. From facilitating payment online, collaborating with the customer in real time, right through to seeing if the customer has actually viewed the invoice.
  4. Files: Take a look at the Files Inbox, where you can use the email address to forward over an attachment, then use this to create a new transaction in Xero. A good example might be a PDF copy of a bill. Not only can you keep on top of the admin, you’ve also got a copy of the original document right where you need it.
  5. Find & recode: ­Learn how you can quickly correct the accounts if something hasn’t gone quite right. It’s as easy as setting some conditions to find the transactions, selecting them and then recoding. Simple, but very effective.

The proof is in the pudding

There is a direct correlation with the growth of a practice the more staff they have Xero certified. We’re seeing first-hand entire firms investing the time to get all of their staff certified, and they’re reaping the rewards. Why? The fundamental reason is that their staff are aware of the features available, know when to use them and how to use those features effectively. As a result, they’re spending far less time doing compliance work and more time putting their experience to use by advising their clients.

Not only is it totally free, but the Xero Certification course can be taken no matter how you prefer to learn. You can do it in your own time via the self-paced online course, join one of our regular webinars, as well as more recently, classroom based learning. Plus, if you prefer to be in a classroom, you might get to have a nose around our HQ in Milton Keynes.

If your practice is already a Xero accounting or bookkeeping partner, make sure you and your staff are Xero Certified so your practice can reap the benefits.

A version of this article by Ashley Driver was originally published on the AccountingWEB blog.

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