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Xero Gravity: Creative freelancers, get your finances together!

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Creative types often get a bad wrap for how they handle their finances and taxes. But maybe it’s just because accountants and artists speak different languages.

As such, some accountants may lack the patience to guide creative clients – like artists, musicians, photographers, writers, etc. – through the motions of each financial year.

Introducing Paco, founder and director of the Hell Yeah Group – a boutique bookkeeping agency aimed at creative folk needing financial support. Paco joins Xero Gravity host Elizabeth Ü to discuss some of the financial holes creatives find themselves in and how she assists them in getting their finances – and lives – on track.

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Paco also shares her own inspiring entrepreneurial journey – one that will resonate with millenials seeking professional growth and personal gratification.

“I was just mindlessly trying to become an executive for no damn good reason. There was no value behind it except that everyone around me in the office were all in that rat race too.”

Paco takes the fear out of finances by empowering her clients with bite-sized bits of information, working with them on skills like budgeting and estimate taxes, as well as through Hell Yeah’s workshops and monthly mentoring.

“For a lot of freelancers, it’s feast or famine. So a lot of times, they have to come up with a patchwork of incomes or different revenue streams. At the beginning, you either need a pile of cash that you can rely on, or you need to hustle your ass off so you can build a pile of cash to have flexibility with cash flow timing,” says Paco.

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