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One thing you need to do to get cloud ready

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With so much talk about moving to the cloud, we all know we need to shift the way we work. But sometimes we just don’t know how to take the first step.

Getting started on your cloud journey requires adjustment to existing routines and a transition in the way you think about your operations. But rest assured, the ongoing advantages of being cloud-based will far outway the small hurdles in getting there.

Anyone can use the cloud to their best advantage, provided that they are willing to learn and adapt.

Launching her firm in the cloud nearly five years ago, Amanda Aguillard, CPA, principal at Aguillard Accounting, now services more than 50 clients.

“I knew that the most important thing was flexibility, geography and time. I needed to be able to work from home at times, say if my kids were sick or if I’m on the road,” Aguillard told AccountingWeb

“I needed to be able to do billable work and not just check email. When I started (the cloud) was more about data storage and security, very reactive. I needed to function there and not just store things.”

By going all-in on cloud you’re able to better collaborate with your team, your clients and grow both your business and theirs. Apps like Google Apps For Work which automatically updates and changes in real-time means that everyone has access to the same version of a document, not just what’s currently available on the hard drive.

The same goes for Xero. By working on a single ledger, a small business owner and their accountant can access accurate and up-to-date financial data to make more informed decisions.

This eliminates the need for constantly backing up files to a hard drive. As the documents are always saved in the cloud, it’s more often safer than lugging around a hard drive. The chances of your hard drive being stolen, destroyed or lost are a lot higher than the internet going down for good.

There are already thousands of apps that are designed to assist a cloud-based business. Most are low cost, helpful and enable you to run your business from your phone. These apps are incredibly flexible, helping you scale up or down to meet your demands.

Using cloud-based systems also promotes agility and innovation. The traditional pace of workflow is sped up due to the instant, up-to-date nature of cloud systems. Innovation is driven as a result of this, as employees are encouraged to work together to find the best way forward.

If moving your business to the cloud is an idea you’ve been tossing around but haven’t followed through on, come along to Xerocon SF on 15-17 August, the world’s most beautiful cloud accounting conference.

Amanda Aguillard will be hosting a Product Mastery session covering cloud set-up strategies where she will discuss best practices to set up your firm and clients in Xero at the upcoming Xerocon SF 2016 conference August 15-17.

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