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Contact your advisor from Xero for Android

Contacting your advisor

Have you managed to get yourself into a sticky situation? Got questions about your tax return? Not sure if you’ll be able to expense claim those Taco Tuesdays? You can now get in touch with your Xero certified advisor while on-the-go.

We’re bringing Xero for Android users and their certified advisors closer together, by introducing the ability to view and contact your personal advisor from the comfort of your mobile device.

To view your advisor, head to the ‘support’ section of the app. You can get there from the overflow menu within your organisation.

You’ll see your advisor’s details, including a profile picture and their practice details, along with the various ways you can reach out to them. You’ll also have access to our fantastic help guide material and will still be able to contact Xero if you and your advisor are stuck for ideas.

Your advisors are there to help. They can provide you with the most efficient and personalized support for you and your business, and they are Xero experts. When was the last time you reached out and said hello?

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Find an advisor

Whether you’re new to Xero, or a seasoned veteran who needs an extra pair of hands; it’s worth checking out Xero’s certified advisors.

Xero certified advisors are your gateway to dedicated accountants, bookkeepers and general advisors who can help you run your businesses. They also have the added bonus of being Xero experts.

If you don’t currently have an advisor, the Xero for Android app will help you browse through the certified advisor directory. You’ll find this, along with access to the Xero help guide and how to contact Xero support in the ‘support’ section in the app.


Questions? Whether they are about this feature, or other Xero for Android topics – feel free to submit them in the comments section below!

You can download Xero for Android from the Play Store. If you’ve enjoyed your experience, we’d love if you could leave us a rating!


July 7, 2016 at 5.21 pm

Hi, this is a good feature, however it needs one modification – it currently says ‘ask my advisor’ which is good, but when you click on it it reads “Send a question directly to your accountant”.
This should also read Advisor (rather than accountant) as there are various types of advisors who use Xero with clients, including financial consultants.
Let me know if/when this gets updated.
Thank you

Scott Kinnear in reply to Annette
July 8, 2016 at 10.17 am

Hi Annette,

I assume you are referring to the Xero web feature? If so, good spotting!

I’ll pass your find on to the web team that own this.

Phyllis Balkwill
July 8, 2016 at 12.39 pm

HaHa. I found this really humorous! We have a paralegal who works in our firm – can’t wait to show him.


Scott Kinnear in reply to Phyllis Balkwill
July 8, 2016 at 12.48 pm

Thanks Phyllis!

Alastair Wilkie
July 9, 2016 at 9.36 pm

More great innovation from Xero.
Where does it pick up the profile pic from.
I am an advisor and i checked out the new feature ..It shows my logo as the profile pic and the advisor logo. I would like to personalise the screen.. where should i be looking?

Scott Kinnear in reply to Alastair Wilkie
July 11, 2016 at 2.52 pm

Hey Alastair,

We pick the profile picture up from your Xero profile. If you login to Xero and head to your profile settings, you can change the image there. You’ll need to make sure you have chosen to make your profile public though.

You can see how to do this here:$Select


Mitchell Brooks
August 5, 2016 at 1.29 pm

As a recent convert to Android, the one item Android app needs desperately is the ability to search for a file without having to scroll through your entire list of Xero clients…as we have over 500 files it is pretty frustrating and it’s quicker to just use your internet browser which defeats the purpose of the app…

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