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Xero API Developer of the Year for 2015 goes to…

Posted 7 years ago in Xero news by James Coleman
Posted by James Coleman

The Xero Ecosystem continues to grow and is a key part of the Xero experience for our partners and customers. The quality of the add-on solutions, and the success and importance of the ecosystem is underpinned by our community of talented developers. So each year we like to recognise someone who had demonstrated an outstanding contribution by awarding them with Developer of the Year!

This award for 2015 goes to Mark Woodbridge, co-founder and CTO of CHASER. They were also named Xero’s Add-on Partner of Year at Xerocon London 2016. CHASER is a best-in-class debtor chasing solution to help businesses get paid on time. It tackles late payment by sending polite, persistent messages regarding outstanding invoices to reflect what you would do personally. This approach has proven hugely popular and successful in reducing Xero customers’ debtor days, as reflected by CHASER’s outstanding reviews on the Add-on Marketplace.

developer of the year 2015

But the award goes to Mark for more than just building an awesome Add-on; Mark is a big advocate of the Xero API. He often provides valuable feedback to the API team, participates in the developer community and writes about the Xero ecosystem and our API on the CHASER Blog. Mark is passionate about developing innovative, high-quality software and has always pushed to make the CHASER integration with Xero the best it can be.

“Ever since submitting CHASER for Add-on Marketplace approval 18 months ago, we’ve received great advice and support from the Xero Developer Relations team, and James Coleman in particular. We’ve always strived to use the API really effectively and report any issues that we’ve encountered, so we’re really proud to receive this award. We’re looking forward to deepening our integration and suggesting further enhancements as we grow our engineering team. Thanks again to Xero for all the help so far!”

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