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Payroll in Pennsylvania now available

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We knocked another states off the list with  Payroll for Pennsylvania now available. This means Payroll in Xero is now available in 22 states.

Over 190,000 small businesses in Pennsylvania employ at least one employee. Xero is excited to provide an accounting and payroll solution that not only makes running their business easier, but also make them much more efficient.

Seamless online accounting and payroll software is easy to implement and use anytime, anywhere. Payroll information flows seamlessly to keep the books up to date, with journals created automatically. This means no more manual data entry.

Pennsylvania payroll

If you have employees in Pennsylvania, you can now pay them through Xero. All calculations are completed automatically. Pay your employees through direct deposit or with instant paychecks. And timesheets are included at no extra cost for all employees.

Detailed reports are also available to keep track of your company’s payroll information. Employees can even enter their timesheets, and view time off and pay history through their own employee app.

Payroll taxes and payments

You’ll need to manually file and pay your payroll taxes directly with your state tax board in the short term. But don’t worry, we’re working on supporting electronic filing and payments for Pennsylvania. Tax filings and payments can be completed directly through the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

We’ll tell you when and what you have to file and pay. For the moment, you’ll need to complete this outside of Xero for now. You’ll receive email reminders to ensure you don’t miss any filing deadlines.

You’ll see all upcoming payroll filing and payment obligations on the Payroll Overview. Detailed information is available under Taxes & Filings. Payroll in Xero calculates relevant business days and displays both the File By and Due By dates to keep you informed of key deadlines.

More states coming soon

With the release of Payroll for Pennsylvania, we now support 22 states. This allows us to provide payroll support to around 70% of the US small business population. This release is also a great milestone as we are well on our way of bringing payroll support to all 50 states.

To get started using Payroll in Xero, simply click the payroll tab within your account. For more details on Payroll in Xero, please see the Help Center.

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