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Xero In: Business success in the construction industry

Posted 6 years ago in Tech by Beeny Atherton
Posted by Beeny Atherton

It’s no secret that technology is changing the way small businesses run. And the trades industry is seeing momentous change right now.

“Instead of seeing a tradie jot something down on a wall or on a bit of a paper or on a bit of wood, we’re starting to see people using technology to create a job or an appointment. And they get reminders about these things – things that the business world has had for decades.”

– Clinton Cowin, managing director, TradiePad  

In today’s episode of Xero In, co-hosts Rob Stone and JV Douglas are joined by Clinton Cowin, co-founder of TradiePad. Clinton, along with David Robbins, created the TradiePad service to eliminate the amount of paperwork tradies have to get through – and let them run their businesses from an iPad.

Technology, says Clinton, is revolutionising the way tradies do business. It’s a great way to reduce costs, save time and simplify the running of their business.

“More and more people are turning to technology and businesses that haven’t made that leap are a major step behind the businesses that have. Once you see what’s possible – how much easier business can operate; how much more knowledge you have on business operations; and where to invest your money and spend your time – that’s when you look back and you go “I can’t believe I’ve been doing this the hard way for so long”,” he explains.

Tradie software is changing the way tradespeople do business

Most industries have been equipping staff with computers for years – and the emergence of tablets has allowed tradies and other in-the-field jobs to finally catch up. Clinton says the time he got back after arming himself with an iPad was life-changing. He encourages other tradies to do the same.

“It’s quite common for a tradie to spend a whole day out in the tools, there on the road going from job to job, writing things in a diary, writing it on a job card or maybe using – starting to see a lot of people using the calendar system now on their phones. But a lot of time then has to be spent on manual entry of that data into their traditional accounting program.  So – and that’s happening after hours.  So you’ll get home after a long day, have dinner, put the kids to bed and then go and sit in front of the computer for two or three hours,” he says.

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