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6 things small business owners need to know in tech this week

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1. Let’s start with Tesla. The electric car company this week unveiled its Model 3, due to be on the road late next year.

2. The one thing to take away from the evolution of Tesla is that it’s way more than just a car company. Founder Elon Musk is building a company that will help wean the world off its addiction to fossil fuels. And as Xero CEO Rod Drury said this week, “Elon demonstrates the ability to execute a grand plan over a long period. The bigger picture is much bolder than we currently know.” Watch this space.

3. The new flip phone. Rumours that Samsung is creating a crazy folding phone are circulating. Korean site ETNews said production could start as early as this year. Business Insider reported Samsung’s Display division Lee Chang-hoon told investors earlier this year that: “Development of Foldable OLED is taking place according to our plan…We are planning on mass-production and release this product by discussing with out partners.”

4. The global smartphone market is maturing. Nearly five out of every six mobile users in the US now have a smartphone. There’s a cool chart showing the make-up of the US mobile market here.

5. The growth of mobile and the platforms that have been built on top of the technology is transforming the labor force. With more than 53 million freelancers now working in the US, a growing number of them are finding more work online, leveraging mobile to work from almost anywhere. There’s more on the transformation of the way people work here.

6. Chatbots are next. Microsoft this week held its annual developer conference, Build, in San Francisco. The tech company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, took the opportunity to reveal what innovation follows smartphones and apps. Think Amazon’s Echo or Facebook Messenger’s virtual assistant M. Nadella said: “It is about taking the power of human language and applying it more pervasively to our computing.” There’s more over at Bloomberg.

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