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Xero In: Tech trends and considerations for 2016

Posted 6 years ago in Small business by Beeny Atherton
Posted by Beeny Atherton

“One of the key technology trends we have seen is that we’re no longer storing all the vital business information on our devices. You’ll be using your phone or your laptop to work through things, but the chances are, you’re not storing that on a hard drive or an SSD within that system, you’re actually storing that in the cloud.”

– Angus Kidman, Editor-in-Chief at Finder.com.au

In this episode of Xero In, hosts Rob Stone and JV Douglas are joined by one of Australia’s top technology journalists and industry commentators, Angus Kidman. Together, they launch headfirst into the world of mobile tech and, discussing new trends and ways to maximise the technology you’ve already got.

Social media, says Angus, is a trend that’s only becoming more prominent – which means it’s more of a must-do than a nice-to-have. He urges small businesses to understand the value of social media as a way of attracting new customers and keeping your existing customer base informed.

“So many people now, their principal source of information is social networking of one form or another. It really has become a dominant media source for many, many people,” Angus explains.

“Businesses have to be aware of this on a number of levels. They’ve got to be aware of how their own business is perceived on social media, they’ve got to be aware of how they expect their own staff to behave on social media.”

All small businesses need to pay attention to tech trends

Another thing to be aware is is keeping everything you do online secure, Angus explains.

“You’ve got all this business information, it’s living at least temporarily in your devices, it’s going up into the cloud… there’s all this information there that’s usually accessible. If you don’t have just good, basic security in place, there’s the real risk of financial loss, of business humiliation, just a whole range of problems,” he says.

“Definitely it’s a cultural challenge and it’s something you have to reinforce constantly from the top. You have to make it clear to people, okay, this is why it matters and you’ve really got to make that a whole of company thing, not make it an IT responsibility solely.”

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