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Developer TV episode 2: Ecosystem, integrations and API releases

Posted 4 years ago in Tech by Dan Young
Posted by Dan Young

2016 came around very quickly and it’s time for a new episode of Developer TV.

I will now be your single host on Dev TV, taking you through everything you need to know from our Ecosystem, API releases and integrations.

Xero Developer TV has stepped it up a gear with episode 2, we felt it was time to get Brooke Anderson in the studio to talk about Ecosystem, the new Ecosystem blog and everything that is going on in the world of Add-ons.

Adam Moore is back to talk about the latest API releases, namely Purchase orders GETs, and CREATEs as well as a new endpoint for Invoice Reminders. Adam is always looking for feedback on what the Community would like to see from Xero API.

Riley James gives a sneak peak into Workato in his I Heart Integrations segment. Riley is cooking up a storm as he gives us the recipe to working with this great add-on.

We have some nice footage of XeroCon UK and James Coleman has a chat with Colin Hewitt from Float about their integration and what they are looking for out of Xero.

Finally we have Regan Ashworth interviewing Matt Bostwick from Microsoft about Office 365 and the Power BI integration.

This episode is not to be missed. Remember to share, like and subscribe. If you have any feedback or requests for us please comment on our YouTube channel or in Community.


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